You don't have time to write your amazing tech content -

Do you often feel like:

  • Writing for your tech business isn't your thing.
  • You don't have the extra resources to help you write.
  • You're discouraged because your content is just so old & stale.
  • You want to do more content marketing, but don't know where to start.

You're not alone. 

How repurposing your tech content should be -

  • You share incredible content without doing all the work to create it.
  • You get more value out of the amazing content you've already created.
  • You grow your audience with the quality content they really want.
  • You create an engaged & passionate community of fans.
  • You become a thought leader in your tech market.

Now there's a way for you to erase all of that frustration and really let your tech content shine.

Introducing - Repurpose Your Tech Content with

A writing service that repurposes your content into audience-building blog posts, guides, eBooks, and more.

You already have your ideas out there, so why spend the time creating them all over again? When you repurpose your content with me, you won't have to spend one painful second staring at a blank doc or lengthy To Do list.

All you have to do is send me the content you want to repurpose and I'll do the rest. Whatever you're starting with, I'll give it new life in a format that's more useful and valuable to you. Tell me what you want to create with your content and I'll use my Tech Marketing Repurposing Formula™ to take your words and turn them into high-quality written content.

Note: This isn't a transcription of your words, which rarely makes for a great read in any format.

Transform your ideas & voice into content your tech audience will love to read & share!

Connect with new prospects

By repurposing your content, you'll reach potential customers you wouldn't have otherwise. That's because not everyone watches videos, reads eBooks or whitepapers, or has time to listen to your excellent podcast. You'll connect with new prospects in new ways, giving them more opportunities to read your content. An important thing to do because it takes multiple contacts with your ideal audience to get them to sign on the dotted line.

Increase the Value of Your Content

Not only that, but you'll form deeper connections with the audience you already have because they'll see you're producing more valuable content on a regular basis. Regular content is a good sign to everyone because it shows you care about sharing valuable content with your them. You'll increase the value of what you teach and share by converting it into another form of content that's more easily shared and consumed by your tech audience.

Here are the simple steps to repurpose your tech content:

1. Send me your tech content (podcast, eBook, posts, reports).

2. Tell me what you want to repurpose it into.

3. Let me run it through my Tech Marketing Repurposing Formula™.

4. Get back a ready-to-publish piece of quality tech content marketing.

Whoa, that's it? Yep, that's it. Four easy steps, one of which is all me, so two really, and you'll have converted your amazing content into helpful, valuable, and shareable content for your audience.

Ready to repurpose your tech content?

Let's repurpose your...

  • Webinar

    Into a bonus how-to guide, blog series, or block of LinkedIn posts.

  • Podcast

    Into an audience-building blog post, share-worthy show notes, and more.

  • eBook

    Into an email sequence, series of social media quick tips, landing page for your latest product.

  • Written eCourse

    Into a valuable downloadable guide, email autoresponder course, content upgrades for a webinar series.

If you have it, I can repurpose it.

Your investment - repurpose your tech content -

What it costs to repurpose your tech content

Your content is already specialized to your market, so not all repurposing projects will be the same. Below is a guideline of what your investment may be. Your investment is based on a number of factors including your tech market and specialty; type of repurposing project you choose; and the extent/current state of the content you're repurposing.

Podcast --> Short Content

for a 30-45 minute show

eBooks --> Long Content

cost per eBook

Video --> Short Content

per hour of video

Repurpose Something Else

depends on the request

FAQ on repurposing tech content -

Enough already, let's do this

Good call. 

These prices won't last. Once I book 5 more projects, the prices are going up. Order your project using the buttons above or click this one to secure your introductory deal while it lasts!

Yes! Let's repurpose my tech content

You could reach more of your ideal customers RIGHT NOW

Your dream customers are waiting for you. You could be reaching twice as many people by increasing the type of content you share and the consistency of your sharing.

Just think, more MRR, free trials, support packages, training courses...all without doing twice the content marketing work.

Hire Julia Borgini -tech copywriterI’m so excited to help you create more high-quality content for your audience. (Yes, that's me, waiting for you to send me an email.)

Over years of tech writing & copywriting, I've refined my skills and developed the expertise to help busy tech marketers create audience-building content based on the ideas and content they already have.

You don't need to start from scratch, we just need to convert your awesome ideas and content into another format so more of your ideal audience can find it.

You've been dying to "do" content marketing, using opt-in forms and bait pieces to grow your email list and convert more of your subscribers into paying customers. 

Let's unleash the awesomeness in your current tech marketing content and give your audience what they've been asking for.

Let's Repurpose!

Ok, ok, what's next?

Repurpose tech content now

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