Content Marketing: Using Stories to Sell

Content Marketing is all about creating and sharing free valuable content with readers, so that they become prospects, and ultimately, customers.What you create and share is unique to your company and what you sell. You’re educating your prospects on who you are and what you sell, so that they know, understand, and like you. Remember, if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

You’ve been hearing about content marketing everywhere online, right? You can’t escape it. So, are you ready to start doing it yourself?

There are so many ways to generate business with content that it can be confusing: social media, blogging, newsletters, case studies…where should you start? I’ve put together a 5-step tutorial here on Spacebarpress that will get you up and running with it in no time.

  1. What is Content Marketing?
  2. Busting the Content Marketing Myths
  3. Find your Content Marketing Tool Belt
  4. Easy Ways to Create Killer Headlines for your Blog
  5. Pump up your Content Marketing

Your readers are looking for content that solves a problem, and establishes you as the trusted resource to fix it for them. Content marketing creates that trust, and generates credibility and authority for you. It knocks down any sales resistance they might have, while outlining an introduction to the benefits of your particular product or service.