19 Killer Blogs You Should Read

Now that you’ve switched over to another RSS reader, how about adding some of these blogs to your reading list?

  1. Copyblogger – The site that started it all. Okay, maybe not, but close. Read this blog for killer info about creating online content.
  2. Social Media Examiner – “The world’s largest online social media magazine” that’ll teach you all you want to know about social media marketing for your business.
  3. Business 2 Community – An “independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations & much more.”  Disclosure: Spacebapress’ posts are syndicated on their site.
  4. Social Media Today – An independent online community for marketing professionals (and more). Content is submitted by members and curated by staff.
  5. Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog – The makers of inbound marketing software that helps clients convert leads into customers.
  6. Savvy B2B Marketing – A wonderful group of B2B marketers, some of whom also write for other blogs on this list.
  7. Content Marketing Institute – THE place to go to for information on Content Marketing.
  8. Diana Huff’s B2B Marketing Blog – Dianna’s a great B2B marketer that has actionable content on her blog.
  9. Erika Napoletano – the woman formerly known as Red Head Writing – The woman who helps you get unstuck and be unpopular. I freakin’ LOVE her! She holds no punches and tells it like it is. I HIGHLY recommend this one.
  10. Chris Brogan – An all-around nice guy who is “dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave.”
  11. Marketing Tech Blog – A blog about, well, marketing technology. Written by the fine folks at DK New Media.
  12. Email Critic – A blog about email marketing, brought to you by a collection of great marketers.
  13. FastCo Design – Fast Company’s Design blog, it’s got all sorts of inspiring and just plain COOL posts. I like to surf on over here for inspiration.
  14. TechCrunch – The online magazine about all things tech & startup.
  15. Mashable – The online magazine for the “connected generation”. Ugh, that sounds so pretentious. Don’t listen to that, just go to the site and read. It’s got good stuff.
  16. Kotaku – All things games-related. It’s “a news and opinion site about games and things serious gamers care about.”
  17. Gamasutra – An online magazine about the video game industry. It’s great to see a gaming site that’s serious about the business side of things.
  18. Marketri – A full-service B2B marketing company.
  19. Marketo – Their blog covers all things B2B marketing-related, from content marketing to emails to lead generation, and everything in between.

Some are marketing blogs, others I read for inspiration, and the rest are ones I use to keep up with the latest news. What sites would you add to this list? Anything else you like to read?

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briansrice April 5, 2013

Hi Julia
First off, thanks for being a part of Business 2 Community!  Second, thanks for including us along side of so many other amazing blogs.