8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Blog Regularly

Create fresh content on a regular basis for your blog is a growing theme in online marketing (also known as content marketing.) Many businesses find it a challenge to do, as whether it’s finding the time to write, or even topics to write about. But do you wonder if it’s even worth doing at all?

You bet it is! Here’s why:

Become more interesting
We live in a very interactive world nowadays, so people expect things to change rapidly online. If your site is static and never changes, they have the same expectations of your business. As a software company, you’ve got to be just as dynamic as they are when it comes to online content.

Interact with people
One of the reasons to set up a blog is that it’s an easy way for you to create fresh content. But the other reason is that it’s a great way to let your potential customers interact with you. Letting them comment on your posts is one of the main ways to engage them, so don’t turn off the comments feature on your blog! That defeats the whole purpose of a blog.

Show off your expertise
Your site is your showcase for your business and expertise, so use it! Show off what you know about your industry. This encourages people to do business with you.

Look busy
Updating your blog with interesting articles, news, and opinions makes you look busy. This makes people more likely to want to find out more about you than if your site was never updated. Just think of a bricks & mortar store: do you want to go in to one that’s empty, or one that has people in it? It’s the same thing with a website.

Start relationships
Adding new content regularly to your site and/or blog lets people get to know the people behind the business. The typical, boring “About Us” or “Services” page is useful, however it doesn’t show off the personalities behind your business. People like to do business with people, so show off who you are with your blog.

Build trust
The more you know people, the more you trust them. The same is with companies. By sharing your opinions and knowledge, people begin to know you and your business, and are more likely to move from prospect to client.

Share your content
As I mentioned earlier, you need to build interactivity into your site. One way is through comments, but the main way is by sharing through social networks. Your blog has to let people share content across social networks easily. Include social networking buttons on it so they can do that, but don’t forget links to your own social networking profiles. Not only does this help to spread the word about your business, it also increases your search engine ranking.

Google likes sites with new content
If you update your site regularly, search engines visit more frequently. Which means your content could appear in search engines rather quickly. Your new content could be attracting new visits to your site in no time at all.

So, are you convinced? Are you ready to start creating fresh content on a regular basis for your business?