A Quick Way to Boost Your Company’s Ego

Case studies (also known as success stories) are short articles that describe how companies solved a challenge with a product or service. It’s a simple and effective way to talk about your company and its services, and how they apply in a concrete way to potential clients. Think of them as a before & after picture of a situation your company faced. The case studies I write for my clients always include these four major pieces of information:

  • your company’s background information
  • the challenge you faced
  • the solution you designed and implemented
  • the results of your solution

That’s it. No, really, that’s it. A case study isn’t meant to be a long document that describes a business or technological problem and presents a better solution to solve that problem (that’s a white paper, something completely different.) It’s meant to be a glimpse of your company and how you solved a challenge. The ideal length of a case study is 2 pages or less, or approximately 750 -1200 words. Some companies make their case studies available for download for free on their websites (like HP: link), others use it to gather contact information on prospects (like Workforce Software: link), while others (like Dayforce: link) do both. Regardless of which you decide to do for your company, having case studies available for prospective clients is a simple and effective way to talk about your product or service to your clients. It’s a versatile document that you can use in a number of ways:

  • Use it as a website free gift when potential customers sign up to your mailing list.
  • Hand them out to visitors at your booth at a trade show.
  • Send them to pre-qualified customers as testimonials.
  • Print them up and have them available in your office’s reception area.dd

Here are a few more frequently asked questions about success stories

How fast can you write a success story? It takes me approximately 5-7 business days to write one, from first interview to your sign off and delivery (provided I receive all the necessary information and timely access to subject matter experts.)

How many success stories should I have? There is no set number that you should have. I recommend you have between 7-10 current/relevant ones available at any given time, though you are free to have more if you like. The key is that they’re current or relevant, depending on your technology niche.

Do you design the layout of the success stories? I consult with you on the formatting and standard design items you would like in the case study (like font choice and logo size/placement), and do my best to comply with your requirements. (I am not a graphic designer, so you may want to take my copy and have your graphic designer create the actual case study document. That is fine with me.)

When should we write a success stories? You should write one whenever you solve a significant challenge, and you think your customers or potential customers should know. Let’s get the word out about your solutions today. Contact me to schedule a consultation about success stories for your company.