Julia Borgini: Technical copywriter specializing in content marketing for B2B tech & Saas companies

Many of my clients find me because they're looking for someone with the right combination of tech experience and copywriting skills. They need someone who can understand the complex nature of their B2B tech products and services.

As a technical copywriter who specializes in B2B technology & SaaS, I help my clients generate leads, reduce monthly churn, and engage more deeply with people.

I have a BAH in French & Italian Literature from Queen’s University, a Technical Communications Certificate from George Brown College, and 20 years of experience writing copy that’s helped B2B tech & SaaS businesses manage, grow, and scale their companies.

I have studied B2B copywriting with American Writers & Artists Incorporated (AWAI), Steve Slaunwhite, and Ed Gandia. They taught me how to craft persuasive B2B copy for the tech industry.

I’ve studied & learned about content marketing from the OGs in the field, including Brian Clark, Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, and Jay Baer

My background includes:

What People Are Saying

“Julia delivers copy that hits the mark no matter what subject matter, industry, tone, message, or format required. She delivers beyond basic copy — thinking strategically about what the reader will do next (that all-important conversion most companies are looking for!) She provides a sense of relief that a pro has got your back.” – Mark Glucki, Head of Content, Titan Creative

“Julia produces strong and engaging content. She is the most reliable and professional copywriter I have collaborated with. Working with Julia is wonderful because she always delivers great work in a timely manner. She is quick to respond and always very professional.” – Liz York,  Catchy Agency

Julia is a phenomenal B2B SaaS writer with a knack for creating engaging, educational content that converts. She’s a pleasure to work with to boot. Highly recommended.” – Sarah E. Brown, SEB Marketing

“Julia copyedited my book, and what separated her from other editors I’ve worked with was that she took the time to understand the context of the book. Perhaps most importantly, she understood my tone and approach to speaking, so (she) wasn’t just editing content, (she) helped shape my message in my own way. ” – Jason Little, Author & Agile Coach

From my desk in Toronto, Canada, I write persuasive B2B copy for companies in North America and around the world. When I’m not writing copy, you can find me doing something related to my other passions: sports and sci-fi.

I’ve worked as a tennis line umpire for Tennis Canada, spent $13,000 on tickets to the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010, cheer on my beloved Montreal Canadiens from enemy territory, and can recognize most Canadian curling skips from their “Hard for line!” calls during TV broadcasts.

Dystopian and alternate history sci-fi are my jam and in my opinion, there’s only one true captain of the USS Enterprise (that’d be Jean-Luc Picard, in case you’re interested).

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