B2B Blogging Best Practices

B2B Blogging Best PracticesI came across this report recently about B2B blogging best practices, and wanted to share it with you. MLT Creative says that:

Blogging just might be one of the greatest opportunities to nurture B2B sales relationships since the account manager!

And I totally agree. Having a business blog can be one of the best things you can do for your B2B business. You can talk about new products, or awards your company and products have won.

We all know that the B2B sales cycle is long, so nurturing that relationship is key. Keeping your blog rolling with fresh new content is the most important thing you can do for your prospects. You want to keep them engaged and coming back for more information.

A few tips from the MLT Creative report:

  • Use a team of writers to contribute to the blog
  • Keep your topics fresh and entertaining
  • Write consistently, preferably once or twice a week
  • You can outsource your blogging, but all the strategy work and editorial calendars should be maintained in-house

The biggest take-away that I’d like to highlight from the report is about how to measure success with your business blog. Ask yourself this question, and you’ll figure out how to measure your success:

What behaviour am I trying to influence?

Once you know the answer to that, then you’ll find the right way to measure your success. It might be in sales, leads, comments, or something else entirely. It really does depend on what you’re looking to do with your business blog.

To read the entire report, head on over to MLT Creative’s site here.