29 of the Best Calls to Action for Online Content Marketing

All good marketing should have good Calls to Action (CTAs). GREAT marketing should have ROCKIN’ CTAs. They demand you take an immediate action after reading the content.

In case you’ve forgotten:

CTA definition from Hubspot - Thanks! spacebarpress.com

(Thanks to HubSpot.)

These compelling words are often found at the end of the email, ad, billboard, brochure, landing page, or other marketing materials. And if you’ve been writing online content for a while, you’re probably bored of “Click Here”, so here’s a list of some of the best CTAs found around the web.

Note: I’ve marked the customizable parts of the CTAs with [Link] or a blank space, which is where you’d fill in your links and info.

For events

1. Will You Be There? [Link]

2. Hope To See You Soon! [Link]

3. Save Your Seat! [Link]

4. Limited Seating Available: [Link]

5. You Don’t Want To Miss _______! [Link]

To solicit comments/feedback from readers

6.     What Are Your Thoughts On This (Topic)? [Link]

7.     How Would You Handle ______? [Link]

8.     QUICK QUESTION: Do You Prefer A, B, Or C?

9.     [LINK] What have you found that works well with (topic)?

10.  We asked this question at ______ and got some surprising answers. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too! [ASK QUESTION]

11.   Have You Ever ______?

12.   What’s YOUR Favourite ______? [Link]

13. What did you do to get out of [problem/situation]?

To help

14.   This Article Will Teach You How To ______: [Link].

15.   View This _____ To Learn How To ______: [Link]

16.   This List Is Filled With Resources For ______: [Link]

17.   We’ve found a GREAT tutorial on ______. Watch/view/read it here: [Link]

18.   Discover how to (topic) quickly by reading this post: [Link]

19. Want to learn how to [do something] with [topic/strategy/item]? [Link]

To inform

20.   Read This Post: [Link]

21.   This Is THE Solution For ______: [Link]

22.   For an example of this (topic) you may want to review these resources –> [Link]

23.   Here’s the one thing every ______ (person in your industry) needs NOW >> [Link]

24.   3 (#) critical considerations before you _______. Important read here: [Link]

To entice

25.   Want A Sneak Peek At ______? [Link]

26.   ** FINAL DAY TO SAVE/SIGN UP/JOIN! ** [Link]

27.   Want to be a (your industry) success? (Of course you do!) Find out how with this week’s (post/article/event): [Link]

28. Join over ### of your peers! [Link]

29. Simply [read/fillout the form/whatever action you want] to get access today.

Why should you use a CTA in every piece of marketing?

Simple: you want the reader to do something that’s a measurable against your content marketing goals. Each piece of content you create should help move you towards those goals. Without knowing what you’re trying to accomplish with your content, there’s no point in even producing the content. Know what your goals are, and use CTAs to help measure the ROI on that content.

CTAs help your content convert your prospects

After all, that is ONE of your goals for your content marketing, right?  So use compelling CTAs to get your prospects to:

  • Read the entire content piece
  • Download your latest content giveaway
  • Subscribe to your newsletter or blog
  • Join your live event
  • Request more information
  • Buy your product or service
  • Learn more about your and/or your company

They’re the prompt that help you achieve your goals.

So, what’s your favourite CTA?

And is it on this list? If not, put it in the comments and share how it worked for you.

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