B2B Product Descriptions That POP

Sometimes marketers have trouble making B2B products and services sound EXCITING. That’s not because the products themselves aren’t useful, and there’s no demand for it, it’s just because it can be hard to make behind-the-scenes, infrastructure managing products sound SEXY.

With the B2B buying cycle getting longer and longer, it’s important that every aspect of your website be compelling and engaging enough to keep your target market coming back until their ready to buy. Easy to do with the “sales-y” pages of your website, or the ones that speak directly to your audience like your blog or case studies.

But what about the product pages? Are they simply functional and utilitarian? Are you ready to make them POP?

Julia Borgini's latest article for Onward Magazine - Making B2B Product Descriptions POPIn my latest article for Onward Magazine, I outline eight ways that you can make your B2B product descriptions more exciting and engaging.

8 Ways to Make Your B2B Product Descriptions P-O-P – Onward Magazine

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