Finding Your B2B Social Media Zen

One part of your content marketing strategy should be taking advantage of all content types available to you. That means ensuring that all your content pipelines have enough content in the pipeline to keep your community reading and sharing. Editorial calendars are key in this, but do you have one for your social media campaigns? If you’re part of the group of marketers surveyed by HubSpot, then you’re already generating 14% of your leads through social media, so you should.

Here’s how you can get started with a B2B social media calendar.

Know Your Audience. How well do you know your audience? Do they like to read articles? Tweets? Are they really into images and infographics? You’ll need to know the answer to these questions. This includes finding out if there are any special events and dates for your audience or market. Mark them down on your calendar so you can take advantage of the potential extra traffic this might create.

Go Where Your Audience Is. For most B2B technology companies this is a no-brainer, because you’re probably already there. Your audience and prospects are already there too. Keep up to date on all the latest platforms, because things change quickly online, and you may have to get new accounts on these platforms.

Who Are the Key Influencers in My Market? This is a great way to develop a following and expand your brand recognition. Find out who the key influencers in your market/niche and start following them. Read their content and share it.

Who’s Your Social Media Author? Do you have a dedicated Social Media Manager who will be handling the strategy, organization and publication? Or will it be rotated among several people.

Create Specialized Content. Drive your brand awareness and customer engagement with content created specifically for these platforms. Hire a graphic designer to create the infographics you’ll share on Pinterest. Hire a copywriter to create the blog posts and web articles you’ll be sharing online.

What’s My Publication Schedule? Determine how often you’re going to publish your content. It might be several times a week or month, or even a day. Be consistent with your schedule, and stick to it.

Create Some Excitement. Launch a new product or free information giveaway. Once your audience knows about this, then keep them coming back with thoughtful and relevant content they can engage with.

Sync Up All Your Efforts. Make sure all of your marketing efforts are working together. Coordinate your blog posts, social media messages, press releases, case studies, product releases, Marketing and Sales departments to ensure success.

As you can see, having a social media calendar involves many steps, and doesn’t even need to involve an actual calendar. Take your B2B technology business through these steps, and you’re well on your way to social media success.