Why Super Villains Should Use White Papers

Evil Egghead
Credit: JDHancock

Whether you’re Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, Goldfinger, or Dr. Horrible, I think we can all agree that super villains often come up with some pretty complex and expensive contraptions to vanquish their nemeses.

They also spend a lot of time explaining how the machine works. Sure, part of that is simple exposition for the audience, but part of it is to show off how smart and diabolical they are.

They actually could save some time if they just created a white paper and sent that out instead. They need to persuade the audience of the efficacy of their machine, so creating a persuasive essay to use as a piece of marketing content makes sense.

Super villains are marketers and didn’t even know it

In fact, their machines often meet the three criteria that Gordon Graham, That White Paper guy, lays out for when you should sponsor a white paper. The super villain’s diabolical machine is: “relatively new, relatively complex or relatively expensive“.

Why should B2B companies use white papers?

B2B white papers for Technology companiesB2B Technology companies often have similar products or services to sell. They may be innovative and new. Or complex to explain. They’re definitely expensive. So sponsoring a white paper could be just the thing to get your company name out there.

The B2B sales cycle is long

That’s why B2B white papers are perfect for Technology companies. They’re typically used early in the sales cycle, when prospects are doing research and finding out more about the topic. Prospects use them to educate themselves, as well as their Decision Makers.

White papers can have two major purposes

Use them to gather leads or stake out your position as the leader in your industry or market. B2B companies:

  • use them to educate their own sales forces
  • send them to media for press coverage
  • post them on their websites to build credibility with visitors
  • create them because their competitors write them

Effective B2B white papers provide useful information to the reader to help them understand an issue, or solve a problem their company is having. It shouldn’t be used just as background information about the product or service. Create a brochure or add the information to your website if you simply want to give more information on it.

Don’t look now, but you’re content marketing

Another great reason to create B2B white papers for your business is that they’re considered content marketing. If your CMO has been planning on taking the plunge into content marketing, then you can tell him/her that you’re already there. A white paper maximizes your content marketing efforts because it’s a two-for-one item. You’re marketing with content with each B2B white paper you produce.

Hopefully your next white paper won’t be about the diabolical machine you’ll use to take over the universe, but give one a try for your next innovative business idea. Your prospects will thank you.