5 Ways a Freelance Copywriter Can Make You a Rock Star

Be a content marketing rock star - hire a freelance copywriterI watched a live concert the other day, and it got me thinking. It must be AMAZING to be up on stage and get that much love from the crowd. Musicians and artists create music regardless of the crowd, but to have all of us there watching, screaming, and just LOVING what they’re doing, it’s got to be a rush.

Most writers don’t get that kind of adulation, much less freelance copywriters, but we still like to feel like rock stars, right?

Here’s 5 ways that a freelance copywriter can make you a Rock Star with your content marketing:

Reduce Your Costs – Twice!

This is a BIG one, since most companies are always looking at ways to reduce costs while still producing at the same rate. Simply put, hiring a freelance copywriter gives you a double savings on your projects.

According to the Content Marketing ROI report created by Kapost, mid-sized companies spent 62% less on their content marketing efforts than large ones. The main difference was in the internal staffing costs.

Content Marketing ROI

Savings #1 – Save on external contributor costs *

This is because overhead costs are different for a freelancer than for a full-time employee.

Savings #2 – Save on overall project costs

Especially if you don’t have any internal contributors writing for you, you’ll save money. See Savings #1 for more.

Speed Up Your Publishing Timeline

While a freelancer may have a schedule just as packed as you, they’re used to dealing with several “bosses”, so they’re better at time management. If they weren’t good at it, they wouldn’t have any clients, right? They’re better able to deal with the multiple timelines and deadlines, so your project will rarely be late. And to be frank, you’ll probably even come out ahead of the curve on your project, as a lot of freelancers try to complete your work BEFORE your deadline, so you may even be further ahead of things than originally planned.

Gain a New Perspective on Your Ideas

Change your content marketing perspectiveThis is one thing most hiring marketers don’t realize: by using an external freelancer, you’ll be getting a new perspective on your ideas, which can generate even more new ones. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, try hiring someone from outside the company. They’ll have varied experiences they can use to freshen up your ideas, as well as give you information on what others in your industry are doing. Good freelancers should be able to tell you about trends they’re seeing in the marketplace. They’ll be able to help position yourself better with this information.

This is a photo I took of Lake Mead I took on a recent trip. Why did I post it here when talking about perspectives? Because this is what you’d see behind Hoover Dam. Everyone else went there to see the dam, but I wanted to see what was behind it. Voila, Lake Mead.

Create Different Content Types

Finally, the last way a freelance copywriter can help you look like a Rock Star is by helping you vary your content set. You can continue to produce the same content types, but a freelancer can help you break out of the mold and create others. Haven’t done a video blog yet? A freelance copywriter can write a script for a series of them for you. Need to freshen up your “leave behind” marketing materials? Have your freelancer create some new case studies or white papers.

So, are you ready to be a rock star? Hire a freelance copywriter today.