The Giant List of Business Blog Ideas

Filling your content pipeline is often difficult for enterprise companies, especially service-based B2B companies. Your services may be hard to explain, and the benefits aren’t always obvious to potential customers.

Keeping the content pipeline fully loaded is a challenge -

This is why a business blog can be helpful. In it, you’ll be able to explain your services in depth, with context, and hopefully, convert those prospects into customers. So what can you blog about if you’re a service-based B2B company?

Try out these business blog ideas.

Talk about your servicesProduct ideas for your next tech blog post -

  • What is your service? Explain it and all the terms related to it that prospects may be unfamiliar with. 
  • Who needs your service? What are the negatives to NOT using your service?
  • The main benefits to using your services.
  • The unknown benefits to your services.
  • What customers should look for when hiring a company that offers this service.
  • Common mistakes customers make when hiring a company that offers this service.
  • How you’re different from other companies offering this service.

Write from your customers’ perspective

  • New issues you are solving for customers.
  • Recent customers successes (aka the case study)
  • Special things you’ve done to help customers achieve their goals (ideally related to your services, but not always necessary.)
  • A customer perspective on an industry issue.
  • A customer perspective on an industry event.
  • Your perspective of an industry event.
  • Common problems facing potential customers.

Show your industry knowledge

  • A summary of an industry event.
  • Reviews of other company sessions from a trade show.
  • Interviews with influential industry movers & shakers.
  • Summarize recent research into industry topics. Use your own research or recently published industry studies.
  • Show how your services can handle the latest trends in the industry.
  • Explain trends in the industry.

Talk about your company and people*Julia Borgini - Head Geek, Founder of spacebarpress media - tech content marketing

(*That’s me!)

  • Interviews with your company’s executives. Put a human face on your company and its services.
  • Publish a list of good resources that you use for own work.
  • Promote upcoming events you’re hosting, like webinars, trade show sessions, etc.
  • Share some humourous events, thoughts, ideas. It shows you’re human, and that you think about things other than business. Potential customers appreciate this. Maybe share a weekly humorous thought/joke?
  • Summarize any press releases you’re publishing, with links to the actual press release.
  • Create and share a video about your services. Think about educating, demonstrating, and telling stories in these videos.

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