Case Study: Regular Articles for an Online Magazine

One of my services is article writing for B2B tech & SaaS companies. Slightly different than blogging, article writing is a little more informational, educational, and news-y (to use the technical writing term). I like working on these projects since they’re not made to persuade anyone to do anything. They’re written to inform and educate.

The Client


The Work

I write regular articles for the SearchDataCenter online magazine of TechTarget. This publication is geared towards data center and IT professionals who are looking for more information about their industry.

The Process

The editor is very used to working with freelance writers and assigns me topics each month. It usually works like this:

  1. The editor reaches out with 4-5 topics that she’d like me to write about.
  2. I choose a topic and we agree on a deadline.
  3. I research the topic, write the article, and submit it.
  4. The editor reads through it and does a copyedit + proofread before scheduling it for publication.
  5. I send my invoice and they pay me.

This seems like an obvious workflow, but believe me, it doesn’t always work this smoothly. This client has been a dream to work with from Day 1 and I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

Thoughts on the Work

Working with this particular editor at TechTarget is a great experience. She’s very communicative and responsive, which means she answers my emails quickly and doesn’t make me wait a week for a reply (if she has to do that, she emails to say she can’t respond right away, which I appreciate.) She’s also very helpful, answering my questions completely and letting me know she’s available for any follow-ups if I need them.

No red pen for Julia Borgini

From an editing perspective, again, she’s very communicative and fair. The only real heavy editing job she had to do was on my first article for her because I didn’t know some of the stylistic things the magazine doesn’t do (they don’t have a formal style guide to follow, so she has to point out these things on the fly). Once she pointed out these things, I assimilated the info and she hasn’t had to pull out the red pen as much after that.

If you’re looking for regular article writing for your B2B tech or SaaS company, check out my services and then reach out. I’d love to help you publish more content.