Case Study: Writing Monthly Blog Posts for ServiceRocket

One of my core services is monthly blogging for B2B tech companies. As I tend to get the same sorts of questions about this work, I thought I’d write up a case study of how that work went with one of my favorite clients. Without further ado, here you are.

The Client: ServiceRocket, who “enables customer success for software companies and their enterprise customers through training, utilization and support services.”


The Project: Monthly blogging for their Customer Education blog. Four posts/month of 500-750 words each.

The Process:

  1. In the last week of each month, the Director of Marketing would send me four post topics and/or suggested headlines. Occasionally, he’d include some bullet point notes about what he was looking for in the post, but usually, it was just the subject/headline.
  2. I would write up all four posts, including SEO keywords/phrases, backlinks, and CTAs as needed.
  3. I’d submit the four posts plus royalty-free images to the Director by the end of the first week of the month. (A week after he sent me the topics.) Plus my invoice.
  4. He’d publish the posts that month and pay my invoice on a Net 30 schedule.

Sample timeline

To help you visualize this timeline, here’s a quick image:

Now, not every month has six weeks in it, but you get the idea. We used this schedule for two years and it worked well for both of us.

Samples posts from our work together

ServiceRocket was able to publish more content more often on their blog, allowing the Director of Marketing to focus on other marketing tasks, like podcasting and eBook creation.

When we ask new customers what influenced their decision to buy from us, our content is often cited among the top reasons. Not only does Julia understand our audience and help us deliver useful content that they want, but with her help, we can make promises to our audience about a predictable publishing schedule and keep it.

Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing, ServiceRocket

If you’re looking to increase your content production so you can keep your promises to your customers, let me know. I’d love to help.