Consumerize Your B2B Marketing

B2B marketers are always looking for new ways to kick-start their marketing efforts. From learning about content marketing, to telling stories, to blogging and gamification, there’s always something new around the corner.

An interesting take on this is learning how to use B2C tactics in the B2B marketplace. Is it possible to use those same tactics for sales cycles that are longer and involve more people? certainly thinks so. A recent post on their B2B Marketing Mentor blog talked about how you can take the best of B2C marketing and use it in your B2B business.

Hop on over to the blog and read up on the tactics they suggest. I like their suggestion of “give (some of ) it away now”. It’s a classic one talked about on many blogging sites, but not always in the B2B space. In all fairness though, why wouldn’t it work for B2B companies? I mean, it’s still humans that read all of your content, and we definitely like to get something for free. So why not offer a free report that solves an issue for your prospects? Or free admission to a webinar you’re holding next month?

B2B marketing

What other ways would you transfer B2C marketing tactics to B2B? And what about going the other way? Are there B2B marketing tactics that would work for the direct consumer?