Creating infographics that Will Rock Your Readers

Talking about business data can make people’s eyes glaze over like they’re listening to a boring lecture. The key to keeping readers engaged is to make it interesting and fun. Especially when sharing information on the Internet, it’s got to be eye-catching and quick to share.

Infographics That Rock Your Tech Content Marketing -

Infographics are a great way to do that. Think of it as visual storytelling. However creating infographics that are useful and engaging can be difficult. You just can’t put some numbers into an infographic and expect people to read and share it. Here are some tips to keep your infographics engaging.

It’s not all about you

Sure, the data is about you, but you’re gathering it up for your readers. Gather the appropriate data for them, not you. Weave the data into a story that will engage the readers, and encourage them to share it.

Be pleasing to the brain, as well as the eye

Often companies hire graphic designers to create their infographics, and end up with one that looks good, but buries the data too much. Readers aren’t sure what they’re looking at, and consequently don’t end up reading or sharing it. Your company wants someone who can highlight the data in the infographic appropriately, while still making it eye-catching. Work with designers that have done infographics before, and can offers suggestions on how to best present the data.

Do your research

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous one, because if you don’t have data to put into an infographic, there’s no reason to hire the right designer. Having the data available is crucial before you get to the design phase. What is it you’re trying to say in the infographic? Find the right data to help illustrate that idea or story. 

Has it been done before?

Some say that infographics have been done to death and that there’s nothing new to talk about in them. Really though, you could say that about any creative endeavour. The key to keeping it fresh is to find a new spin on the topic and then presenting it in a new way. Do that with your infographics, and you’ll have engaging, shareable content.

Make it shareable

One of the reasons you’re creating infographics for your B2B business is to make it easier to share information with your readers. Take it a step further by including embed codes for it so that other sites and blogs can link to it directly. If you’re a coding whiz, check out this post from Michael Cropper. If your site is on the WordPress platform, you can use this plugin to generate the embed code.

Then link to your info graphic in all your social media platforms and your business blog. Print up high-gloss copies to hand out at a trade event. Include it in your next email newsletter or email blast.

Online tools to generate infographics

There are several places online that will help you create an infographic and will help you embed it on your site as well. Check out:

Is your company creating infographics for your B2B business? Has your company created any infographics for your B2B business? Share them in the comments as I’d love to see them.

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