Increase Your Social Cred with Google Plus

Previously you learned all about why using Google Plus for your business is critical to increasing your social credibility. (For a refresher, check out the post here.)

Now we’ll create a plan of action to take advantage of Google+.

6 Steps to Increase your B2B Social Cred with Google+

Step 1: Get a Google+ account. This one should be obvious, given the stats in the Global Web Index report, but in case you’re one of the few people in the world that doesn’t have one, create a Google account. Once you do that, you can activate your G+ account.

Step 2: Complete your G+ profile. Fully, completely. That includes all your contact information, hours of business, address, site URLs, blog URLs, etc. Make good use of the description section. Include product and service descriptions, any offers you might have going on right now, and your USP (unique selling proposition.) Increase your visibility even more by using some keywords on the page. Remember, Google has a natural bias towards its own products in SERPs, so take full advantage.

Step 3: Be social. That means following industry influencers and experts, and adding them to your circles. It’s like finding people to follow on Twitter or Pinterest. Join a few communities as well, and see who’s active in there.

Step 4: Write epic content. This is one of the key things, but you’re already doing that, right?

Step 5: Start sharing your content. 

Step 5a: Share your content from the post itself. Click the +1 button the post.

Step 5b: Share the content through your G+ account. Include a link to the post.

Step 5c: Share an image instead of a text-based update through your G+ account, and link to the same post. It’s said that image content is shared more easily and frequently on social platforms, and it still counts as an individual share.

Step 6: Respond to any comments on the post itself, as well as on G+. That’s part of being social. It’s a conversation with people.

There you have it. A simple 6-step plan to start your Google Plus domination of the Internet. And you thought it was going to be hard.