The logo for Julia Borgini and, a blue rocket.

Hey there! It's Julia, again.

I'm so glad we met, live, and in-person.

A woman, Julia Borgini, sits on a black, leather sofa in an empty loft.

As a quick reminder, I’m Julia Borgini, a freelance technical copywriter for B2B tech companies. (That’s me in the pic.)

We met recently at an event, and hopefully, had a great chat. But since it’s sometimes hard to dig into conversations at live events, I created this page so you can learn more about me.

So, go on. Take a look around. I'll wait.

Explore my website to learn more about me

Find out more about me, see how I work with clients, or read my FAQ.

I hope to see you again soon.

But if not, be well, and stay in touch!