You wanted to know, so here you are. Answers to your burning questions about working with me, how we work together, paying me, and more…

Can you write in my brand’s style/tone/voice?

Yes, that’s part of my job as a technical copywriter. That’s why I’ll ask for your brand style guide and other questions like “do you prefer formal or casual language?” and “can I include contractions?” as part of the onboarding process. It’s important that what I write matches your needs and that you can integrate it right away into your content channels.
This is something I’ve done my entire writing career, matching style/voice/tone so that it seems like the content was written by you. I’m used to it, so you can be assured that it’ll get done right the first time.

Do I have to come up with blog topics/subjects or can you do that?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it depends. Ideally, you’ll already have your content marketing strategy set up, including your editorial calendar. You already know what topics or subjects you’ll be talking about with your customers and audience. You just need someone to help you produce all the great content to fill your pipeline (that’d be me). What I need from you is: the topic; any keywords/phrases you want me to include; an idea of the kind of post you’d like (How to, listicle, news article, etc.); the backlinks you’d like me to include; and the CTA (call to action), if applicable.

What’s the difference between repurposing and revising content? Isn’t it the same thing?

No, it’s not. The fundamental difference between them is the purpose for which you’re using the content. As HubSpot explains, “When you (revise) a piece of content, you’re continuing to use it for the same purpose it was originally intended, but updating it so it remains relevant and attractive to that audience.” E.g. Revising a blog post on social media to include new platforms, stats, or images. The intent of the post is still the same.

Repurposing content is transforming it from the original format and intent into a new format with a different intent. E.g. Taking 5 blog posts you used to generate website traffic and turning them into an eBook used as a lead generation giveaway.

When you repurpose content, do you do any *actual* writing?

Yes! I use your existing content as a foundation for the new piece of content. I repurpose it to match your current marketing strategy, add in relevant updated information, and match it to your existing marketing voice and style. That means I’m writing new words, phrases, and editing & proofreading it all.

How do I integrate the content you write for me into my content channels?

At a general level, you should already know where you’ll integrate it into your content channels before you order it. E.g. you know the blog posts will be published in Q2, so you order them in Q1.

If you’re asking me about publishing the content, well, that’s up to you. Each of my customers uses different tools to get their content out, whether that’s WordPress, HubSpot, RSS, a hardcopy printed one-pager, or any email marketing services. I supply you with the content, it’s up to you to publish it as you need to.

How long does it take you to write my content?

It depends on what you order and how busy my schedule is. Each project and content type is different, so each one takes a different amount of time. Generally speaking, I can turn around blog posts faster than web pages, and web pages faster than an eBook.

When you place an order, I’ll tell you when I can deliver the content, that way you have an idea if that works for you or not. I also typically put a notice on my Services page about my scheduling status, so you’ll know what’s going on.

My content is already awesome and valuable to my customers. Do I still need to work with you?

Firstly, congrats on having awesome content! That’s great to hear. Now, wouldn’t you love to expand your brand awareness with prospects and leads; increase usage for existing product features; and multiply the investment you’ve made into your awesome content? Who wouldn’t? Working with me, we can do all that, and more.

Why do you charge so much for your work?

You’re paying for my expertise. You’re benefitting from my 18+ year professional writing and marketing career, helping companies of all sizes and from a variety of industries transform their content and ideas into helpful and valuable content for their audiences. I’ve seen my clients struggle with content production and am happy to help them with it. I know the value my work brings my clients’ organizations, and they appreciate the value I bring to them (and pay me for it!) If your focus is on keeping costs low and not on using the best, most helpful content in your content channels, you’re in the wrong place.

Can you bill me hourly instead?

No. I do not bill by the hour or day. I bill by the project because my work is value-based. That means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished content you can use in your content channels, not the time I spend producing it.

My rates also include the following benefits I provide by not being on your full-time payroll:
> Marketing knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.
> Tech industry knowledge so you won’t have to explain all your tech jargon to me.
> Royalty-free image sourcing you can use with your regenerated content.
> Save on your HR and training budget, as well as the on-boarding time and training, since I don’t need that.

How can I pay you?

Most of my clients pay via credit card, though Canadian clients are also welcome to pay by email Interac transfer. Just to be clear, all non-Canadian clients can pay via credit card only. All of my payment processors are secured by the latest and greatest in security software. For more details, refer to here and here.

Do I have to pay taxes on your fees?

Only my Canadian clients are charged taxes on our work invoices (13% HST to be precise). Everyone else gets to skip them. (yay!)

What currency do you charge in?

My Canadian clients are charged in C$, while everyone else pays in US$. I do that for accounting and tax reasons that I won’t bore you with. Long story short, it saves me time and energy to do so. Plus, since the majority of my clients are in the USA, it keeps their books nice and clean too.

I’m a U.S. client; can you send me a W9?

Nope. As a non-USA based contractor, you’ll need a W-8BEN signed and dated from me for the IRS instead. They are good for 3 years from the signed date. For more information on the W-8BEN, refer to the IRS website.

Can I pay a “rush fee” to get bumped up the schedule?

In the grandest of Canadian cliches, sorry, but no. All work is scheduled based on when invoices (or deposits) are paid, so if you’re looking to jump the line by paying a rush fee or something like that, you’re out of luck.

Will you send me status emails or updates?

Not usually, as we’ll have worked out a timeline of content delivery when you order. You’ll know when you’ll have drafts (if applicable) and the final version ready for publication and/or review. If we’re working on a regular basis, like with monthly blog posts for an entire year, then we can arrange for status emails or milestones.