The secret to high-quality business blog images (and it’s free!)

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Finding royalty-free images for your business blog is always a challenge. If you’re able to get a subscription to a site like Big Stock Photo or iStockphoto, you’ve got access to thousands of great images and vectors that you can use quite easily.

What if you don’t have a big image budget? Or no budget at all? Things get a little more complicated. However, you’re not completely shut out from good quality images.

The newest free image tool for your business blog is here

And it’s not one you might’ve expected. It’s from Getty Images, the powerhouse photography company, and it’s available to use for everyone, but not everyone may know about it. Especially in the business blogging world.

It’s all about embedding the images

Getty Images launched their new embed tool about a year ago, however, it hasn’t really taken off in the blogging world. I was recently reminded of it by Dave Stubbs, the Montreal Canadiens beat reporter who’s been embedding them in his tweets and articles for the Montreal Gazette.

Getty’s embed feature lets you use them on blogs, websites, and social media with the proper attribution. That’s the key here: the attribution. “Images are the communication medium of today and imagery has become the world’s most spoken language,” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. The embedded images include photographer attribution and when clicked, link back to where the image can be licensed for commercial use.

How to embed a Getty image

The process is slightly different for websites, blogs, and social media.

Embed a Getty image on your website or blog

  1. Navigate to and search for your image.
  2. Mouse over an image and click the </> icon.
  3. Copy and paste the code into your website or blog post.

Embed a Getty image on social media

  1. Navigate to and search for your image.
  2. On the search results page, click an image.
  3. Mouse over the image and then click the appropriate social media network icon. A pop-up window for that network appears and you can share the image.


Save money and still give credit where it’s due

Getty Images embedding tool is a pretty handy tool, great for those of you with a limited images budget for your business blog, but also a good way to change things up if you do have a subscription somewhere. Have you been using it on your business blog? Link to some of your posts in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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