Five Tips to Consider When Writing B2B Product Descriptions

A lot of B2C products have it easy when it comes to presenting engaging and compelling product descriptions. They’re just so fun and useful that the product description essentially writes itself.

Apple iPad

Writing compelling and engaging product descriptions for B2B products, however, presents more of a challenge. Often your product is somewhat hard to grasp, hard to explain, and only appeals to a particular segment of the business world. That doesn’t mean that your product descriptions should suffer.

Here are 5 tips to make them more useful

1 – Make them unique

Sure, your product pages have the same template or layout on your website, however that doesn’t mean the content in them should be the same. Each product is different, so show them off! Copywriting is one of the places that websites can differentiate themselves from your competitors, so take advantage of that. Highlight the benefits of each product in an interesting and engaging way. Leave the feature description to the technical spec table below the fold.

2 – Put your best content above the fold

Above and below the fold is an old journalism term that refers to the placement of content on a newspaper page. You want your best content to appear on the top part of the page, or, as a newspaper is folded, above the fold. The same applies to websites. You want your best content to appear immediately on the site so that visitors don’t have to scroll down to find it. This also applies to scrolling side-to-side. Keep all scrolling to a minimum.


3 – Use the same language as your visitors

This tip applies to ALL copywriting, heck, it applies to all writing, in my opinion. You should always know who you’re audience is, and use the language and terms they use. If they like casual, conversational language, then use that. If they respond better to the ultra-complex, high-tech jargon, then use that. The point is, know the type of language your visitors use, and you’ll find them responding to your copy more frequently.

If you don’t know where to look for this information, check out the product reviews they’re leaving on your site. Or your competitors’ site. Listen in to a few sales calls with your sales team to hear them talk.

4 – Features are important, but don’t forget the benefits

It’s very easy to just talk about the features of your products when it comes to Technology products. You want to talk about bandwidth, speeds, size, numbers, and amount of money saved by using your products. That information is useful and your visitors need to know that, however what’s going to really hook them is the benefits to those features. After all, unless you’re the first one in the market place with your product, chances are your features are similar to your competitors. Where you can differentiate yourself is through the benefits.

A trick copywriters often use when trying to find a benefit is to ask the question, “So what?” Here’s an example of how you can drill down into the benefits of a web-based contact management software product.

The software has seamless desktop and device syncing.

  • So what? Your staff can update contact information at any time, so it’s never outdated.
    • So what? You’ll save time because you’ll never have to correct contact information.
      • So what? You’ll have better relationships with existing customers because you’re always talking to the right person.
        • So what? Your prospects and customers will appreciate the strong relationship, and you’ll always be top of mind with them.

5 – Include your best keywords

Think of your keywords as the perfect partner to your quality content in the Google Search dance. Each one plays their part individually, but BOTH must be included if you want to have good results with Google (and any other search engine, quite frankly.) Include your keywords appropriately in the product description, and remember to not go overboard.

So don’t be boring with your B2B product

Product descriptions don’t have to be boring just because you’re selling a B2B Technology product. Let your copywriter do her job and inject some excitement into them. What other tips are your copywriters using in your product descriptions? Hit the comments and let me know.