Mining the Gold in Your Business Blog

Generate content from your blog - Turn your blog into gold

As content marketers, you know how important it is to keep generating topics and content for your campaigns. You also know how difficult it is to do. I know that too. I’ve mentioned in the past that I use an editorial calendar to keep track of the topics I want to write about here on the blog. But what about other content types? How do you create a calendar for other avenues like social media or email campaigns?
Simple: You use the content from your blog to generate your other content types.

Yes, it really is that simple. Here’s how…

Create a New Message for Social Media

You’ve written the post with a killer headline. Now create a new headline for your social media accounts and send it out there. Don’t forget to include a link to the post in there!

Write an Email Based on the Post

Incorporate the post into an email you send out to your email list. Craft a message on a similar topic, and link out to the post. Another way to use it in emails is through your blog’s email subscriptions. You don’t have to lift a finger for that to go out. Once you published the post, it should have automatically gone out to your email subscriber list. BAM!

Generate Leads from Your Blog

Take a quick look through your blog and see what posts are getting the most comments. See which ones are getting shared the most on social media. Then use the content to create a new lead generation campaign. It doesn’t matter what form that campaign is in, you’ve already got the topic to talk about in it from your blog. No need to look around online anywhere, it’s already there for you!

Give Your Sales People a Hand

Your sales department is always looking for new ways to talk about your products with prospects, so why not give them a hand with a new sales sheet? Again, take a look at the blog and see which posts generated the most comments. Now write up a new sales sheet based on it. Create a quick reference sheet that they can hand out at the next trade conference.

Steal from Yourself

This is especially useful if your products and services are a hard to explain, such as database optimization, or infrastructure support services, but really, it can be used for any technology product. Take your How-To blog posts and create some new support documentation pages on your website. Use one of the industry trend analysis posts and create a “why we’re different” website page. Collect all the comments and questions you’ve received throughout your blog and refresh your FAQ page.

Put on the Creativity

So, if your marketing department tells you that they’re finding it hard to come up with new content ideas for you, don’t believe them! I’ve just listed out five ways you can use your blog to create new content for your products. I’m sure there’s even more things you can create from it. Any others you can think of? Hit the comments and let me know.