Getting Social with the Universe

Tonight Commander Chris Hadfield (Canadian!) is making his way to the International Space Station (ISS). While I am most certainly a sci-fi media geek (books, tv, & movies), I’m also just a space geek too. Any time a Canadian goes into space, I get a little giddy. But when Chris Hadfield goes into space, I get a little more excited. That’s because Commander Hadfield is from my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. While he was born there and only lived a few of his early years there before moving to Milton, Ontario, we still like to claim him as our own. In fact, if you fly into Sarnia, you land at Chris Hadfield Airport (YZR is the IATA code.)

And today he makes his way to the ISS for Expedition 35, where he’ll be the commander starting in March, when Expedition 34 leaves the space station. Very cool.

Chris Hadfield and the ISS

Tonight I tried to catch a glimpse of the ISS in the night sky of downtown Toronto, which is a little hard to do, what with all the bright lights of the city. But I did it! I caught it making its way across the sky, from west to east. Caught it for about 2 minutes, in between a few tall buildings, but there it was. Even got a retweet from the CSA on my personal Twitter account, ya!

If you’re looking to find the ISS in your nightsky, check out the Heavens-Above site and look up!