Have You Stuck to Your Resolutions?

Almost a month into the new year, and how’s your motivation? Are you maintaining all those resolutions and habits you said you’d start of change?

If you’re having trouble, I give you a selection of motivation tips from Inc.com (taken from their post 14 Ways to Get Insanely Motivated) that have been working for me:

1. Seek out the similarly motivated. The positive energy is infectious, and can help lead you to your successes. I’ve been doing this by building relationships with other copywriters.

2. Have goals, but remain flexible. This is a new one I’m trying out this year, the idea of “resolving” rather than “creating goals”. I got the idea from Jeff Goins in a post he wrote about Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Resolutions This Year. You can cruise over to the read the post yourself, but in a nutshell, he talks about “resolving” to do things rather creating “resolutions”, and the inherent difference between them. (More action, less talk.) It reminded me about how I started making actionable changes in my life and career path that have lead me to where I am now. Getting up earlier in the day to write. Starting to exercise regularly. Drinking more water. Building more relationships with clients and other writers.

3. Just do it. (with apologies to Nike) A lot of times waiting for just the right moment can often mean missing the moment entirely. Michael Masterson talks about this in his book , Ready Fire Aim: Zero to $100 in No Time Flat.

4. Inaction equals failure. Or put another geeky way,

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

You’ll never know what might have happened unless you try. Not trying is the true failure.

I’m using all of these to make my 2012 the best ever. How has your year started off? How are you getting and staying motivated? Have anything y0u’d like to share?