How to Send 10 Tweets in 5 Minutes

Ever wonder how I send over 25 tweets in about 15 minutes a day? Ever wonder how your social media manager sends 10 tweets in 5 minutes? Are they just type fast? Or are they using some technology that’s only found in Star Trek?

Not really, but they do have a quick strategy that you can use too, especially if you don’t have a social media manager. Here’s how you can send 10 tweets in 5 minutes.

1. Follow influencers and other thought leaders in your industry or market (1 minute). These are people or companies that are most often recognized as being one of the foremost authorities in an area of specialization, and they are the go-to person/company for that expertise. Make sure you follow people regularly. In marketing, Brian Clark of copyblogger is a thought leader. Who are some of the thought leaders in your area?

2. Create a Twitter list and put these people on it (1 minute). Twitter has a great feature that lets you create lists of users. This lets you sort through all of your Twitter news feed more easily, and find the information these thought leaders and influencers are talking about more quickly. It’ll save you time in the future.

3. Use a Twitter client like HootSuite or TweetDeck. Most Twitter clients now have a web interface, as well as mobile apps that will let you handle your accounts, so take advantage of them. Personally, I use HootSuite as I like the interface better, but it’s up to you which you use. On both the web and mobile versions, you’ll be able to add your lists, and multiple accounts, if you have them. Again, it’ll save you time to have everything in one place.

4. Retweet three messages that interest you (1 minute). Go through your feed regularly. Pick three messages that interest you and retweet them. If you have room, add a comment when you retweet.

5. Comment on five other messages that REALLY interest you (1 minute). These should be five different messages than in Step 4. Add a personal comment to them, so your followers know it’s a real person behind the Twitter account.

6. Send out two new messages about your company (1 minute). In one, add a link to your latest corporate blog post. In the other, talk about the latest live event your holding or attending.

There you have it. You’ve just sent out 10 tweets in 5 minutes, and engaged your followers. Do this three times a week, and you’ll be creating a loyal social media following in no time.