#ICYMI – Julia Borgini on Social Media Examiner

How come you don’t have the form on your mobile site?

Someone asked me that last week, and my response was simple, I wanted to save on real estate in mobile devices, so I turn off the form on my home page. My site’s optimized to show it on certain pages only, depending on the device you’re using to access it.

This is sound advice for any business website. Make sure that you’ve optimized for all of your visitors. However that doesn’t only apply to your business website. It’s also good advice for all of your social media platforms. As a modern B2B tech business, you’re probably on all of the major platforms, including Twitter. Which is great.

What’s not so great is the state of your Twitter home page. You’ve spent so much time crafting the perfect tweet and creating the most engaging and compelling content to send out on there, but your Twitter home page doesn’t reflect that.

To find out to optimize your Twitter profile for mobile users, check out my article on Social Media Examiner. It’s packed with examples, tips, and tricks for you to use.

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