5 Repurposing Hacks to Save You Time & Brain Power

Publishing content regularly is important, but how do you come up with ideas to keep the pipeline fed? Here’s a secret: you already have all your ideas, they’re just in a different format.

By taking the content you already have and repurposing it, you can plan out your LinkedIn posts for weeks in advance.

Repurposing your content for LinkedIn

1 – Your blog posts

Take a look at your previous blog posts and see what information is in there you’d like to share. People who started following your company on LinkedIn may not have read the content on your blog yet, so it’s new for them. Repost the content on LI Pulse, with a slightly reworked intro and/or conclusion, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to include a link to the original post to get more traffic to your site! Win-win.

2 – Your podcasts

Do you have your own podcast? Or maybe some of your employees have been interviewed on other podcasts? Regardless, it’s time to spread the word on LI. Write up a quick post summarizing the podcast episode and then publish it on LI. Include links to the original publication site and you’ll get even more traffic. Pull out some quotes from the interview to include in your news updates and spark interest in the content.

3 – Your webinars

Not only can you post a summary of the webinar on LI, but you can also use it to create updates that you can send out on a regular basis. Just take a look at the questions people asked during the webinar and write up short answers that you can post as updates. If a question requires a longer response, then write a new LI Pulse article for it.

4 – Your eBooks

Are there any areas you wanted to explore a little deeper in your eBooks, but you didn’t want to make the book any longer than it is? Now’s your chance. Take the ideas and expand on them in LI Pulse articles. Use headlines or headings as updates that you can then point to the article.

5 – Your landing pages

Landing pages are filled with quotes and short proof statements about your products that are great for driving traffic to your site. But what about using some of them for updates on LI? You can then direct readers to the landing page or another page on your website and you didn’t have to write any new content.

You’ve already got the content…time to start using it on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn company page doesn’t have to be a stale page that just sits there. It can work for your tech or sports company just as easily as the rest of your online content. Use your existing content to start generating some buzz and traffic to your company page by repurposing it.

Have you been repurposing your content on LinkedIn? Share your experience in the comments as I’d love to hear how it’s going.