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*iN 26 – What do banks, annual training, and content marketing have in common?

While I was procrastinating from work last week, er, I mean, while I was spending some time brainstorming for my latest client project…

I came across an article about cybersecurity training and how Mimecast was just crushing it when it came to creating content for humans.

(It’s true! Just check out their Security Awareness Training campaign and the amazing video they created for it.)

It reminded me of my last full time job as a senior manager for a technical writing team. Every year, we had to do cybersecurity training. Ugh.

We all rolled our eyes at it and did the bare minimum to pass it. Maybe it’s because we worked on the tech operations side of the enterprise, but we thought we already knew this stuff.

As IF I’d click on a phishing link! – I thought to myself as I did the cybersecurity training module. Social engineering? Puleeze.

Next thing I knew, I’d failed the phishing question on the exam and failed the module. Oops. My team and I exchanged notes (and jokes) on which things tripped us up.

Frighteningly enough, quite a few of us failed the phishing question, but a few others got tricked by other questions.

And that’s the thing about security training, we’re all vulnerable to something based on our experience or hubris.

As members of the tech ops teams, we felt we knew 🧠 everything we’d need to avoid hackers and other tech pitfalls.

But front-line workers might not. Or, as we discovered, there may be something new even we hadn’t heard about until that training module.

Yet we all took the same training module because the company had to train tens of thousands of people at the same time. With a few tweaks, this training could’ve been more relevant to every one of us and helped reinforce the cybersecurity measures for everyone.

Which brings me to a question:

How do you make your B2B tech content relevant to the most people?

❓ Do you create multiple versions of the same content for different audiences?

❓ Do you publish multiple content types on the same subject hoping to reach the right people?

❓ Do you just publish without thinking much about it?

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Be well.


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