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*iN 27 – The SEO trick that’s just for SaaS companies.

I had no idea about this, did you?

Last week, I was browsing through one of my social media feeds when I came across an article about SaaS SEO. Huh. SaaS SEO.

It makes total sense, doesn’t it? I think so.

SaaS companies are in a slightly different market vertical than even other B2B tech companies, right? You’re selling things on a subscription-basis, so your buyer journeys are different. There’s onboarding, renewals, upsells, cross sells, and more. It’s not just a sell-it-and-forget-it kind of thing.

Which got me thinking: Do you think about SaaS SEO for your tech business? Do you use it for your B2B tech company?

Probably not. Very few companies do, so you’re not alone.

Here are a few quick tips you can use right now if you’re interested in using SaaS SEO in your content marketing.

  1. Informational Keywords: What info are prospects looking for when they find you? Add them to all your content & pages.
  2. Comparison Keywords: B2B buyers often search for product comparisons. Create Best of posts, guides to Top 10 tools, etc.
  3. Functional Pages: Prospects might just want to head straight to the Pricing or Product page. Make sure they’re optimized too.
  4. “Real” Keywords: Don’t forget to add in keywords & other content based on customer conversations. No sense in only using the ones you think your audience are using.

Thanks for reading.


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