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*iN 29 – What do changing seasons have to do with marketing?

Happy autumn, if you’re in the northern hemisphere! I normally don’t like the descent into cold, but I am a fan of the changing leaf colors, so it takes the edge off the fact I need to layer up my clothes.

The descent into cold also reminds me that I need to change up my fitness routine. Normally, I’d put on some shorts and a t-shirt, grab my running shoes, and off I’d go.

But as the temperature can vary so wildly now, that doesn’t work any more. I need to check out the weather forecast, see if it’s cloudy or sunny, raining or snowing, and look at the temperature. Each of these things dictates a different article of clothing and can make the difference between a good run and a shortened one because I got too cold.

The same thing applies to marketing

Your marketing should change over time

What does that mean to you, a B2B tech company? It means you’ve got to have a strategy that’s agile enough to change & pivot efficiently & effectively.

Your short blog posts might have worked a while ago, but what about now? Do you need to start sprinkling in some longer-form ones to get the same level of engagement?

What about your topics? Are you changing those regularly enough so that your audience is still getting value from your content? Have you asked them what they’re thinking & worrying about recently? That can help you figure out new subjects to explore going forward.

How often do you pivot or change your B2B tech content? Are you proactive or reactive about it?

Thanks for reading.


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