How to Know if You Need a Tech Marketing Playbook

TMP - Tech Content Marketing Help

Tech marketers are busy people. You’re working on a million things at any one given time, all in the name of growing your tech business.  You would love to have a single, integrated messaging document or platform that helps you plan everything out. Something from which you can pull a killer social media message or eBook idea. That’s where a Tech Marketing Playbook (TMP) would come in handy.

Signs That You Need a Tech Marketing Playbook (TMP)

#1: You’re creating content inconsistently.

Your tech blog has GIANT gaps in it because you post whenever you remember. Which means your last post was 4 months ago and the one before that was 14 months ago. Your single published landing page is for a tech product you launched 18 months ago. You’ve got ideas for a whole series of content marketing pieces that are tied together with a central theme, but no published content for it.

#2: You’re note getting any traffic, downloads, or engagement of any kind.

Your website numbers are on a downward trend and bounce rates are sky-high. Your social media accounts get little or no traction from anyone. Your audience isn’t signing up for any of your webinars or downloading your reports and white papers.

#3: Your marketing funnel isn’t mapped to your sales funnel because you have no marketing roadmap.

Sales has their funnel defined and work diligently through it with their prospects, leads, and customers; marketing doesn’t. Mainly because marketing doesn’t have a marketing roadmap defined. So they don’t know what type of content to produce in support of their (or anyone else’s) funnel. Everyone’s working independently, not pulling in the same direction.

#4: You struggle to produce marketing materials and have problems delegating the work.

Whether you have in-house marketers or work with outside freelance copywriters, you struggle to produce marketing materials because you don’t have anything documented. Your strategy lives in your head (or worse, in your CMO’s head.) You don’t have a one-sheet you can send off to anyone you’ve delegated content production to and you simply don’t have the time to sit down with them to explain anything.

A TMP Makes All of This Easier to Deal With

That’s because a TMP is an integrated, master messaging document you and your team can use to produce any marketing material you need. It’s filled with consistent messaging and ideas so that you’re all on the same page. Each member of your marketing team will use the same document to produce their content, regardless of what it is. Reduce the amount of back & forth emails asking for the “latest tagline”, eliminate the Q&A session you have to hold with new freelance copywriters you hire to work on your content. Increase the quality of your content marketing pieces right away with a TMP.

If you’re looking for a solid foundation for your tech content marketing, a TMP is just the thing. Whether you’re new to content marketing or are a mature team using it, a TMP helps keep you on track with your strategy, ensuring you hit your targets.

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