Levelling Up 2017

Chris Hadfield and the ISS

It’s the start of the year, which means the gym is probably more crowded than you’ve ever seen before. But only for a short time, as most of those people start off with the best of intentions, but then fade away. We all have good intentions when starting something new, whether it’s going to the gym, eating healthier, or blogging regularly. I know I’m guilty of that (especially that last one, if you’ve been following along here for any length of time.)

But no more. I am making a pledge to get off my duff and get writing more here on my blog. I’m going to blog once a week at least, so that means 50 blog posts for you. Oof, that seems like a big number to me, but no matter, I’m going to do it. 50 blog posts, coming right up!

One of the reasons that I want to blog more is to talk to you more, engage in a bit more conversation with you, but it’s also part of my plan to level up my business in 2017. I’d like to work with more of you, my Geeky tech companies, helping you with your content marketing grand plans. And as you know, fresh content on the blog is good for SEO, as it means search engines are looking at my site more often and popping it up in search results when you’re looking for a ‘technical copywriter’ or ‘geek copywriter’.

Blogging regularly can be good for your business too, as it has the same effect on your website, bringing you to the top of the search engine pile for your preferred keyword and market. But it also pulls back the curtain a bit and gives your community a behind-the-scenes look to see how you work, how you think, and what you’ve got cookin’.

So, who else is with me? Who’s ready to level up their 2017 with a little blogging? Raise your hand and let me know.