Who needs 160 million new leads?

LinkedIn has approximately 200 million registered users, with 2 new users signing up every second. Yes, every second. LinkedIn says that Company Pages are “a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn”, as they’re extremely visual and let you display relevant content easily.

For companies, this means a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn. – Mike Grishaver, LinkedIn

While browsing LinkedIn, users are discovering who is employed by what company and where other industry professionals have worked. They’re professionals looking for other professionals. This means that if you’re looking to connect with other industry professionals and generate leads for your B2B Technology business, you better have a Company Page on LinkedIn.

Lead Gen with LinkedIn Company Pages

Building relationships with audiences is key to a B2B marketer, since so many people are involved in the sales cycle of your products. A LinkedIn Company Page helps you target multiple B2B audiences at once, while at the same time building and fostering relationships with that audience.

Why do you need a company page?

Well, over 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with your company page. That’s about 160 million people who are ready to connect with you on LinkedIn. One hundred and sixty MILLION.

You can’t afford NOT to have one, right? But how is a LinkedIn Company Page different than any other webpage out there?

Why is it so good at building relationships with an audience?

It’s so good because it allows you to deliver continuous and relevant content to your audience. Remember, being frequently present and helpful are two keys to building a relationship. You give them relevant and engaging content, and they’re compelled to read it and follow you. 

One thing to remember as you build and foster relationships: you’re not just doing it with prospects and people who don’t know you. You’re also fostering and deepening the relationship with your existing employees. Your employees on LinkedIn have already connected to you by listing you as their employer. They’re helping to connect and extend your reach throughout LinkedIn.

So, is my Company Page both a marketing AND a human resource tool?

Yes it is! In fact, combining the two end goals is an easy thing to do on it. You share relevant marketing, company, and industry knowledge through Updates, company data through the About Us page, job info on a Careers page, and finally marketing information through the Products & Services page.

Company Pages are very SEO-friendly

LinkedIn built them to be very SEO-friendly, so search engines pick up the content easily.This is another way to stay known to your audience.

What info should be on my B2B Company Page?

At a minimum, your Company Page should have the following sections: Home, Careers, Products & Services, and Employee Insights. These four pages give visitors some basic information about you and what you do, as well as open a window onto the human aspect of your company (the Employee Insights).

Your updates will appear on your company page, so that visitors will see what’s been going on for the last while. When visitors follow you, these updates appear directly in their News Feed.

How do I engage with my followers?

Just like engaging with an audience elsewhere online, you’ve got to interact with your followers.

  • Post updates regularly
  • Share engaging, compelling content
  • Reply to their comments and questions on your updates
  • Answer questions, don’t sell your products or services

Amplify your reach

When you amplify your reach, you’re simply encouraging likes, shares, comments, and connections with your audience. It’s a way for you to extend your company out and towards new audiences. People like to read what their connections have shared, in fact, about 70% of people follow links posted by their friends, family, and colleagues. That means they’re seeing how many people recommend your company, or your B2B product. It can be hard to get that kind of targeted brand awareness.

Generate leads naturally

Remember when I said earlier that LinkedIn users are influential and professional? That means that when they share one of your updates, it carries weight with their connections. You’re immediately put in that coveted Trusted Advisor spot because that influential person shared your content. It all goes back to the adage of being known, liked, and trusted. These influential and trusted people are sharing your content with others who are influential and trusted by others, and so on.

Visitors are invited to your Company Page by your shared Update, and are compelled to action by the trusted recommendations on the Products page. It’s an automatic lead gen funnel for your B2B Technology company, and all you did was fill out some information on LinkedIn.

Don’t believe me? Check out this stat from HubSpot: Companies who have set up Company Pages on LinkedIn have 277% more effective lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Yes, 277% better lead gen! That’s incredible.

So, are you convinced that your B2B Technology company needs a LinkedIn Company Page? I’m sure you are.

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