Monday Fun: Hipster Ipsum

In the spirit of starting off the work week right, here’s the first post in my Monday Fun series. My hope is to post something fun and interesting every Monday that’ll get you smiling and maybe even laughing.

You’ll see funny pictures, images, infographics, videos, and more.

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Without further ado, here’s the first one.

Hipster Ipsum

If you’ve ever created a document, template, or website, you’ll be familiar with Lorem Ipsum. A generator of Latin text that you can use to see the layout of your design without getting caught up in the words.

The human brain is able to discern and un-jumble a lot of text, so stuffing your design with nonsense words helps you focus on the design and get on with your day.

Hipster Ipsum text -

Site link

Why I like this site

Aside from just the funny nature of marrying hipster-speak with the Lorem Ipsum generator, I like the drink analogies and vocab used on the site.

You’re given two choices of hipster text: Hipster, neat, and Hipster with a shot of Latin. This speaks to my craft beer and wine snobbishness, while injecting a bit of fun onto the site.

Click the Beer Me! button and voila, your hipsum text.

Here’s a sample:

Mustache Vice banjo, cred next level butcher ugh salvia High Life. Semiotics swag four dollar toast irony single-origin coffee craft beer ethical, dreamcatcher tote bag High Life Wes Anderson beard. Neutra photo booth squid, Shoreditch lo-fi hoodie VHS art party church-key Brooklyn. Vinyl drinking vinegar Carles, leggings skateboard aesthetic cronut synth tofu heirloom tattooed. Marfa Bushwick keffiyeh, High Life deep v Carles hella Pinterest biodiesel cray vegan. Vegan wolf Tumblr shabby chic umami, yr cold-pressed tousled iPhone post-ironic. Thundercats salvia lumbersexual plaid, ethical pickled pop-up next level vegan pug XOXO Schlitz wayfarers.

And another:

Cold-pressed Pinterest yr direct trade Brooklyn next level, mixtape hoodie mlkshk art party McSweeney’s authentic XOXO slow-carb. +1 quinoa cardigan vinyl skateboard four dollar toast viral hella food truck, banh mi narwhal Echo Park trust fund. Leggings whatever retro readymade, post-ironic twee polaroid chambray pork belly lo-fi Echo Park meggings drinking vinegar. DIY gastropub bespoke, cray trust fund swag artisan hashtag fanny pack heirloom biodiesel tote bag. Helvetica ugh swag cornhole butcher Pitchfork. Mumblecore gentrify slow-carb, health goth asymmetrical trust fund small batch leggings cornhole migas. Cornhole narwhal cray sartorial, selvage lumbersexual food truck XOXO kitsch whatever mixtape gentrify quinoa Neutra.

I could go on and on with this. Instead I’ll just leave you to generate your own hipsum .

Happy Monday!