#MondayFun – I Am Geek, Hear Me Roar

Monday Fun! with Julia Borgini on spacebarpress.co
This week’s fun

It comes from Chuck & Beans on the Shoeboxblog.com.

Why I like it

I’ve always referred to myself as a Geek, and fly my flag quite proudly, as you may have noticed. I giggled when I read this as there’s always been a bit of a debate between which is the “preferred” term. Much like the debate between a “Trekkie” and “Trekker”. (I prefer Trekkie just because I think it sounds better. *smile*)

This comic captures the essence of the debate and how absurd it is, IMO.

For more insight into what it means to be a Geek or Nerd, check out Wil Wheaton’s answer to a fan’s question at Denver Comicon:

Or what xkcd had to say about the debate:

Nerds or Geeks, it's all cool