Create More Online Content to Influence B2B Buying Decisions

Take a look at your current B2B technology marketing strategy. Does it include any online content projects? If it does, then you’re more likely to influence B2B buying decisions in your target market, according to a recent report published by the CMO Council. They found that roughly 87% of respondents said online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection.

B2B buyers found the following online content types to be the most trustworthy:

  1. Professional association reports and papers
  2. Industry group reports
  3. Customer case studies
  4. Analyst reports and papers
  5. Product reviews

Create winning case studies that they’ll share with their peers and associates. Almost 75% of them share online content with 15+ people, so go on and brag about how you solved a customer’s pain point with your products. Post links to those case studies on your social media sites, and email some to your prospect list. They want to hear from you.

You’ll also see professional association and industry group reports and papers on that list. As a B2B technology company, you know that those associations and industry groups all have an online presence, so go visit their sites and see what they’re all about. Your prospects and peers are reading those publications, so by having a report or article published in them, they’re more than likely to contact you when they’re ready to buy.

Check out the infographic on Marketing Profs to see more stats.