Content Packages

Content packages from Julia Borgini

Whether you’re looking to launch something new, bump up customer engagement, boost sales, or get a better handle on your time, I’ve got you covered with several content marketing packages.

All packages include: A get-to-know-you questionnaire, up to 2 rounds of revisions, and my commitment to deliver copy that is authentic & accurate, meets your style guidelines, and connects with your customers’ needs.

The Marathon (Monthly Blogging)

Using your strategy and ideas, I’ll write it all. You send me information by the same day each month and I’ll take care of the rest. We’ll agree to a schedule & milestones so you’ll know exactly when you’ll have your content each month.

  • 1 per month: Starting at $195/month for 500-1,000 word posts (3-month minimum purchase)
  • 2 per month: Starting at $325/month for 500-1,000 word posts (2-month minimum purchase)
  • 3 per month: Starting at $500/month for 500-1,000 word posts
  • 5 per month Starting at $885/month for 500-1,000 word posts

Prices for 1,000+ word posts are available upon request.

Reminder: Packages of more than 1 post per month will be delivered at once, each month. E.g. You cannot purchase the 5 per month and have them delivered 1 per month for 5 months; they will all be delivered to you at once, in a single month.

The Flame Thrower (short eBook/white paper)

When it’s time to bring out the big guns (or flame thrower) for the middle- or bottom- of your customer funnel, you’ll need something more substantial that offers value. That’s where the Flame Thrower comes in. We’ll create a short eBook or white paper by repurposing existing, helpful content into something your customers haven’t seen before – but will still find valuable. This is where we really dig in and explain the benefits of your tech products so leads and prospects will be racing to schedule demos with you.

$1,350 for a 3-5 page report

The Power-up (Product Descriptions)

Looking to spruce up your tech product descriptions so they sound less like a spec sheet and more like something people would use? That’s what you’ll get with this package. Copy that explains the benefits to your tech genius in a concise and understandable manner that’ll have customers & prospects clicking the “buy now” button (or “schedule my demo”, whichever it is.)

$950 for 3 products