Publish Content with a Positive Spin and Go Get’em

Raise your hand if you’re tired of all the negativity online. 

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So why are you publishing negative content for your B2B tech company?

Yes, you are publishing negative content with every post with the word “stop” in the title, every download on how “not” to do something, every webinar to help customers “fix” something.

When you’re negative all the time, your readers get tired of your content. They withdraw from you and ultimately stop engaging with you. Your content might be THE most helpful and valuable to your readers, but it’s just so negative in its attitude that no one wants to read it anymore.

So, how do you write your content in a way that’s more positive and engaging?

Write from a positive mindset

Writing content from a positive mindset simply means keeping the main helpful idea of your marketing piece front and center. You want your content to:

  • Help your readers and customers with as much value as you can.
  • Be written in a voice that’s authentic, sincere, and honest – without being aggressive, mean, or negative.
  • Be more about them and not you.

When you do all of this, your content resonates more with your readers, leading them to keep reading and sharing. Your positive outlook enables you to:

  • Develop and deepen the relationship you have with them
  • Gain their trust because you’re focused on helping them with sincerity
  • Build credibility with prospects who are new to you
  • Get readers to like you

When readers know, like, and trust you, they’ll buy from you. They’ll raise their hand and say, “Yes, I’d like to try that new product” or get in touch with their vendor relations team and say, “When it’s time to renew our subscription for this B2B tech product, please renew. It’s been really helpful for my team.”

A positive mindset in your content gives you the power to overcome the tired and easy-to-write negative content marketing piece. Just think of all the times you wanted to complain about something that didn’t go your way. That’s the same way lazy copywriters and content marketers create content. They think that’s the easiest way to capture their readers’ attention.

In fact, it’s easier to catch their attention with something that’s helpful and valuable to them because it speaks to them in a positive way. Easier to offer solutions to their most pressing challenges and provide them with as much value as possible, instead of just reinforcing the same problems.

When you speak to your readers in a positive way, offer them solutions to their workday challenges, and provide them with value, you’re in a much stronger position to engage with them. When you’re in a stronger position to engage, relationships are easier to build (or deepen), and convert them into fans who’ll want to buy from you – every single time.

It’s the ideal way to sell your B2B tech product or service – without a sales pitch!

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