50 Qualities of Great Business Blogs (Plus 5 More, Just for Fun)


Creating a quality business blog is hard, but not if you know what quality looks like.

Why do you read the blogs that you read? Is it because you like the content or topics covered by the blog? Maybe they produce funny and informative infographics that you enjoy sharing. Perhaps it’s the particular writers that really interest you (and maybe make you laugh too.) Then why is your business blog filled with press releases and high-tech product explanations? To get readers to follow you and share your content, you have to use the same strategies as your favourite blogs.

I’m a sucker for all those “business blogs you should be reading” posts. I will click on every. single. link. to check out the blogs and see if there’s something that I’m missing. Yes, it’s a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), but as a copywriter and blog writer, I also like to think of it as competitive research (don’t judge me.) I’ll read through a few posts from the blogs mentioned, and then decide whether to subscribe to updates via email (my preferred method).

After one of those sessions, I then look at my email inbox and see if there are any blogs that I’ve stopped reading, and I’ll unsubscribe. Mainly I do that to keep my email inbox to a tidy, manageable level, but it’s also a way to see what kind of content is working with readers. Then I ask myself “why am I unsubscribing?” Is it because I don’t have time to read the updates anymore, or am I’m no longer interested in the topics, or are the headlines boring and don’t entice me to click & read more?

These are important questions not just for my inbox, but also for anyone who writes a blog. Especially a business blog.

Getting readers to start reading your business blog is one thing – getting them to continue is another. Which is the whole point of having the business blog, right? To get readers to come back and read your next new post. And the next, and the next.

Why bother getting repeat visitors to your business blog?

Create more SEO with your tech business blog
When done right, a business blog can drive more than just clicks, impressions, and shares. A well-written business blog can:

  1. Create stronger relationships with your current customers.
  2. Introduce your business to new prospects and a new audience.
  3. Inform your readers about something they didn’t know about.
  4. Educate them on a new trend or idea in your market.
  5. Humanize your business by introducing your executive team in a more informal setting.

And that’s just for starters. Working hard on your business blog content will transform it from a dumping ground for your press releases into a destination spot for your readers. It’ll take some hard work, planning, and a lot of time, however, you can do it. I know you can.

To get you started

For some inspiration on the qualities that make up a killer business blog, take a look at this list of qualities of the best business blogs in the world created by Marcus Sheridan. It’s a long read, but definitely worth it.

My favourite qualities from the list

1. They’re written by real people

Especially in the technology world, it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s people creating your products and evolving your business. You’re so focused on the ‘shininess’ of your products and explaining it to your readers, that you forget about the people. The people who create your products and the people who buy your products.

Here’s a pic of me, so you know that there’s really a person behind it: 

Photo by: Jessica Blaine Smith | http://jbsmithphotography.com

2. There’s a variety of contributors to the blog

Sure, you need to have a core team of writers who are responsible for the overall strategy of your business blog, but that doesn’t mean others can’t write for you too. Leverage every kind of employee at your business and have them write for your business blog. The blog owners will handle the editing and actual publishing so the blog maintains a certain standard of quality, look and feel, but by showing off different voices, you create different perspectives. Different perspectives speak to different readers and increase your blog’s reach.

3. They make time to blog (even when it’s in short supply)

Sure, there are all sorts of tips and tricks you can use to create lots of content in a short amount of time (and I’ve even written about them on this blog), but in the end, it comes down to finding the strategy that works for you. I can give you all the stats about how blogging consistently gains you more business, leads, and customers, however, you already know all that. You simply want to know how to find more time to write for your business blog. Michael Hyatt lays out seven strategies to maximize your time for blogging in this post.

4. They give away information for free

Many B2B businesses hide (or gate) their best content behind forms and multiple clicks. Which tires people out. Remove the barrier and just give away your content for free through the blog. Your readers will appreciate it and start coming back for more.

5. They combine their great content with solid SEO

Good business bloggers understand what makes SEO tick, and how to write high-quality, conversational content that gets picked up regularly by search engines.

Each business blog is different

Some blogs are popular with readers because they’re written in a particular style. Others because they give away great content all the time. Business blogs are no different. To create better posts and get readers coming back for more, you’ve got to understand the qualities of good business blogging. Find out what resonate best with you and your business or brand, and which align with your end goal for blogging, and then start writing.

Over to you

What qualities do you think make up a great business blog? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

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