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Resources I use to run my business

Many people ask me about the software and tools I use to power my B2B tech writing business, so here’s a list of what I use. 

Note : This list includes affiliate links, so if you click and then buy, I will receive compensation.

Namecheap: domains + hosting

I've been buying their domains for years and have used hosting off & on with them. It's fast, reliable, and easy to use. Managed WordPress hosting or regular shared hosting, it doesn't matter. It's all good!


Even writers need editors. Grammarly has been my go-to app for a few years now. It helps catch all the extra commas I put in my copy, points out when I've gotten too wordy, and reminds me when I'm to use Canadian spelling.

Google Workspace: email hosting

I like to keep things separate, in case of downtime, to I use Google Workspace to host my emails. Plus, it gives me access to the GDocs and GSheets all in one!


Elementor has some of the best WordPress plugins & themes around. Use it to customize your site exactly the way you want it.

Wave Accounting

A one-stop shop for accounting, invoicing, and expense tracking. They're Canadian too and it's all free!

S&J Bookkeeping

A local bookkeeping duo who've automated my books so that it all happens automagically...with minimal input from me. Sebastien & Seijin are awesome! Tell'em I sent you.


Authory finds all mentions of me online and gathers them in one spot. It goes deeper & further afield than any other portfolio tool I've used. Sign up for a free trial to check it out yourself.

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