Technical content marketing

I’ll help you find the right words & strategy to connect with people and grow your B2B tech business. 

When done right, you’re the one people think of for tech info, products, or services. Your marketing is educational, fun, and engaging. People can’t wait to consume & share it with their people, community, and network. 

Most important to you, it’s technically accurate, authoritative, educational, and delivers a ton of value. 

When you create meaningful Geek content, it attracts people.

It converts them into a paying customers , and keeps them coming back.

How I help my clients


Long-form content

"How-To", intro, & educational content

Your audience are already aware of their problem...just not how to solve it.

Long-form content demonstrates your expertise based on how well you articulate & solve the problem.

I leverage my 20+ years of tech industry experience to help position you as the expert. You know you can help your customers, but they need to understand why.

Bylined & ghostwritten articles from 750+ words and starting at $550.


Repurposing content

Review & refresh your existing content to increase your ROI

Put your existing content marketing library to work long after it was published.

I'll review & refresh this content with new insights, data, and ideas. Give your content extra life and elevate it from the back pages of SERPs. Let more people engage with you & your ideas.

Packages starting at $950.


Editing + proofreading

Polish your words for optimal impact

Errors distract from your message and devalue you brand in the eyes of your audience.

I’ll check your words for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. I'll look at transition issues, wordiness, and most important to you, tech jargon. I may suggest revisions or ask you to rewrite portions.

Packages starting at $0.20/word for editing and approx. $85/page for proofreading.

My process

After 20+ years as a professional writer and nearly 15 as a freelance technical copywriter, I’ve got my processes down.

Here’s how it breaks down:

The reason I ask for payment up-front (50% deposit or 100% for new clients) helps both of us manage our cashflows. As a small business owner, I’m often at the mercy of your Accounts Payable team. This way, I get started on your project faster, you get your awesome marketing content on time, and I get paid efficiently. 

I accept credit card payments, bank transfers, and wire payments via secure means. Your money is safe. 

My tech stack

I use various tools like Google Docs for written content, Canva for basic graphics, Wave Accounting for invoicing, and Trello for project organization. I use Stripe for credit card payments and Wise for bank & wire transfers. (Click the links to find out more about their payment security measures.)

Other info to know while working with me

I generally respond to emails and requests within 3 business days.

I generally schedule work 2-3 weeks ahead of time and don’t do rush projects. You may ask if I have time to do something faster, but beware that 98% of the time the answer is, “no.” 

What my happy clients say

"Julia and I worked together as we were getting our product off the ground. She was able to work with very limited outside information and support, and was able to turn around a great finished product on time and on budget. Julia instantly understood what we were trying to accomplish, figured out our audience, and provided feedback that leveled up our own understanding. Hoping to work with Julia again!"
Gren Austin
Head of Wealhsimple Work, Wealthsimple
"Julia is great to work with and always produces work that is well-researched, well-written and tailored to each client's specific content requirements (including region, industry, persona, TOV, etc). She has a great understanding of SEO, which is reflected in the success of much of the content she has created for us. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professionally written content that is aligned with data-driven business goals."
Dan Butler
SEO & Content Marketing Editor, B2B tech marketing agency
Julia is very attentive, pays great attention to detail, and satisfies our client's needs. Julia produces strong and engaging content. She is the most reliable and professional copywriter I have collaborated with. Working with Julia is wonderful because she always delivers great work in a timely manner. She is quick to respond and always very professional."
Liz York
Former marketing manager, Catchy Agency
"Julia copyedited my book, Lean Change Management. Unlike other editors I've worked with, she took the time to understand the context of the book. Perhaps most importantly, she understood my tone and approach to speaking so the project wasn't just about editing content, it was about helping me shape my message in my own way. Looking forward to working with her on the next one!"
Jason Little
Author, Speaker, and Chief Product Nerd, Spero Careers Canada

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