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tech copy & content repurposing


You need to translate your tech-heavy content into something people can read & understand. From blog posts & articles to short white papers & eBooks, I’ve got a range of packages that’ll engage your audience in just the right way and keeps them coming back for more.

tech copy editing & proofreading


You already have a library of amazing tech content you want to continue using. Let’s repurpose it into another valuable & useful marketing asset for your audience(s). Whether you want to turn a big asset into many smaller ones, or go the other way, I’ll repurpose it for you.


You’ve created some great tech marketing assets, but you’re not sure if the grammar’s correct. Does the punctuation look off? As the former manager of a team of writers and holder of the style guide at over 10+ B2B tech companies, I have the experience to help smooth out your content.

How I can help you

Find out more about each of my services. Together, we can create engaging blog posts and LinkedIn articles, premium content like eBooks or short white papers, and smooth out your copy so it flows nicely. Your audience will read and share your content with everyone, like their buying decision makers.

All of my work includes up to 2 rounds of revisions and my commitment to deliver copy that is authentic & technically accurate, meets your style guidelines, and connects with your audience.


I’ve been writing easy-to-understand copy & content for my tech clients for nearly 20 years. My words have helped them educate their customers, increase sales, and create loyal customers.

Choose one of the following technical copywriting services.

Using your strategy and ideas, I’ll write them for you. Whether for your blog or LinkedIn page, I’ll write what you ask for. Send me your content brief and I’ll take care of the rest.

  • Short posts (500-650 words): $195 (bylined) / $210 (ghostwritten)
  • Medium posts (750-1,250 words): $235 / $265
  • Large posts (1,500+ words): $400 / $435

Order in packages of 3 or 5 and save 15% or 20%.

When it’s time to bring out the big guns (or flame thrower) for the middle- or bottom- of your customer funnel, a short eBook or white paper is just the ticket.

Your eBook or white paper will explain your products without buzzwords and sum up the benefits without hype. I’ll make sure to write your story in a crisp, no-nonsense style I’ve honed over my nearly 20 years as a technical writer & copywriter.

You’ll receive:

  • An outline to confirm the direction of the content.
  • A draft and 2 revisions, if needed.
  • Suggestions on graphics & images.
  • A checklist of promotional tactics to ensure you get the word out about your new asset.

$1,550 for a 3-5 page eBook or white paper

Looking to spruce up your tech product descriptions so they sound less like a spec sheet and more like something people would use? That’s what you’ll get with this package.

Copy that explains the benefits to your tech genius in a concise and understandable manner that’ll have customers & prospects clicking the “buy now” button (or “schedule my demo”, whichever it is.)

  • Copy description spruce up: $950 for 3 products
  • 1-page fact sheet: $475 per product
  • 2-page fact sheet: $675 per product

Repurpose your white paper, webinar, or podcast into:

  • 3 blog posts or LinkedIn articles,
  • a 1-pager/fact sheet, and
  • social media messaging you can use for all three assets (white paper, blog posts, and the fact sheet)

Price: $935

Repurpose your white paper, webinar, or podcast into:

  • 5 blog posts,
  • 2 LinkedIn articles, and
  • a 2-pager fact sheet

Price: $1,650

Repurpose your large white paper, webinar, or podcast into a single short white paper or eBook.

Use this asset as a shorter downloadable asset that your audience will still find valuable. It will highlight a different aspect of the larger work while maintaining your tech knowledge and thought leadership. You’ll reach a potentially different audience who might not have had time to read the larger asset.


Price: $2,100

tech copy & content repurposing


You’re proud of your existing marketing library and you don’t want to waste your investment in it. So, let’s repurpose your assets into a new format that’ll boost your SEO, engage new audiences, generate fresh leads, and improve the ROI on your original content.

Choose to go from big to small or big to intermediate, or something else. It’s up to you.

tech copy editing & proofreading


Have you created some tech copy, but you’re not sure if the grammar’s right? If the punctuation’s correct? What about the flow of ideas?

As the former manager of a team of technical writers and the Holder of the Style Guide at 10+ tech companies, I’ve got the expertise to smooth out your copy.

When I edit your copy, I’ll check it for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues.

Then, I’ll take at look it for any transition issues, wordiness, and most important to you, tech jargon. I may suggest revisions or ask you to rewrite portions.

Price: $45 / 300 words

This is the final once-over your marketing assets should get before you publish them. Send me the final version of your document or PDF and I’ll look for any minor text and formatting errors for you.

I’ll let you know when it’s ready for publication.

Price: $85 / page (digital or physical)