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Tech copy, written in plain English

Writing services for B2B Tech & SaaS clients

Find out more about each of my services. Together, we can create engaging blog posts and LinkedIn articles, premium content like eBooks or short white papers, and smooth out your copy so it flows nicely. Your audience will read and share your content with everyone, like their buying decision makers.

All of my work includes up to 2 rounds of revisions and my commitment to deliver copy that is authentic & technically accurate, meets your style guidelines, and connects with your audience.

Choose what you need help with today:


You need to translate your tech-heavy content into something people can read & understand. From blog posts & articles to short white papers & eBooks, I’ve got a range of packages that’ll engage your audience in just the right way and keeps them coming back for more.

tech copy & content repurposing


You already have a library of amazing tech content you want to continue using. Let’s repurpose it into another valuable & useful marketing asset for your audience(s). Whether you want to turn a big asset into many smaller ones, or go the other way, I’ll repurpose it for you.

tech copy editing & proofreading


You’ve created some great tech marketing assets, but you’re not sure if the grammar’s correct. Does the punctuation look off? As the former manager of a team of writers and holder of the style guide at over 10+ B2B tech companies, I have the experience to help smooth out your content.

As a reminder, here's what I DO and what I DON'T do.

What I DO

What I DON'T