Tech copywriting that makes sense

You’re trying to appeal to people, not hyper-techy people, right? (Okay, maybe you are, but for the most part, it’s just regular people at technology companies.)

So why is your marketing content overly complicated and filled with jargon? Sure, you need to explain how to use your technology, but your customers shouldn’t need a Ph.D to read your content.

I’ve been writing easy-to-understand copy & content for my tech clients for nearly 20 years. My words have helped them educate their customers, increase sales, and create loyal customers.

I can help you with clear, sensible tech copywriting like:

Engaging blog posts & articles. These top-of-funnel content pieces are often the first thing readers see. If they can’t understand it, they’re not doing their job. I’ll turn your ideas into engaging blog posts & articles that’ll be read and shared online.

Premium content like eBooks or short white papers. Looking for more content to fill up the middle- or end- of your marketing funnel? No need to reinvent the wheel here. I’ll help you repurpose existing, helpful content into something your readers haven’t seen before – but will still find valuable.

Refreshed web copy & product descriptions. Does your website need a polish? The content might be old or just too complex for your current needs. I’ll help you take your web copy up a notch so it shows off your tech genius while still being easy-to-read and sharable.

Julia Borgini - Tech copywriter & tech copywriting for B2B tech companies
Hey, that’s me! Yes, I realize my smile is crooked. It’s always been that way.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said about me

Julia is a phenomenal B2B SaaS writer with a knack for creating engaging, educational content that converts. She’s a pleasure to work with to boot. Highly recommended.

Sarah E. Brown – Director of Content Marketing, BuildingConnected

Julia copyedited my book, Lean Change Management. She (took the time to) understand my tone and approach to speaking so the project wasn’t just about editing content
– it was about helping me shape my message in my own way. Looking forward to working with her on the next one!

Jason Little – Author of Lean Change Management, Spark Toronto founder, and all-things-Agile before Agile was cool,

Enough already, Julia. How can we work together?