The Simplest Marketing Tool With The Biggest ROI

Sometimes the simplest things can bring you the most reward. Find out how to increase your ROI with a single marketing tool.

A former colleague of mine was well-known in our department for over -complicating his work. At meetings he would sit down with his laptop and spend 5 minutes getting ready to take notes on it, and by the time he was ready, we had finished the discussion and were walking back to our desk. He was convinced that he could type the meeting notes faster than if he wrote them down with pen + paper, yet 90% of the time he missed the information as he waited for his laptop to be ready.

What’s the Lesson Here?

Keep it simple, stupid. 🙂

Just because you’re dealing with a complex piece of software, doesn’t mean that your marketing methods need to be equally complex. Sometimes a simple solution is the answer, and it can reap great rewards.

Just Stay In Touch

One simple tool that you can use in your marketing efforts is the “just staying in touch” communication. Just send out a quick note to prospects or existing customers to let them know that you’re still thinking of them, and letting them know that you’re available to talk whenever they like.

  • For long-term prospects, send them an email with a relevant article or product announcement. Let them know that the latest version of your software product has come out, and invite them to get in contact with you to talk about it. If you’d like to get non-traditional and stand out from the other technology companies out there, how about sending them a handwritten note through the regular mail? It’s rare these days when we get a piece of mail about a software product, so it will get their attention.
  • For existing clients, you can be a little less structured in your communication and send them a “how’s it going?” email, or give them a quick phone call to ask the same.

Finding the balance on how often you do these simple communications is important too, since you don’t want to over burden your prospects and existing clients with too much information. Once you determine the balance, and the method you’re going to use, start sending out those messages. Don’t be caught at the starting blocks like my former colleague and miss all the potential business.