Tech Marketing Roundup – Week of March 26

While I thought spring had sprung last week, this morning’s sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures have reminded me that it’s still March. That means crazy bounces in temperature, and I’ll never know which coat to put on in the morning. So I’ve gathered together a few links to keep myself warm, and thought I’d share them with you.

Marketers zero in on the newest social media platforms, freelance writers explain what kind of writing is best for social media, and tech companies talk about themselves (which is a good thing, really!)

Curl up with a cup of your favourite hot beverage and read on…

Argyle Social’s latest podcast, Social Pros #7 was recorded at SXSW in Austin, and muses on a number of things, including, does Pinterest really drive more traffic than Google+? Check it out here.

B2Community explains one simple change that will improve your Google advertising results. Learn how to put it all together here.

Heather Lloyd-Martin explains the difference between SEO copywriting and social media writing here.

Jim Dougherty reacts to the news story about companies asking for candidates Facebook passwords to check their profiles here.

Julia Borgini (that’s me!) wrote a guest post at M2Sys, and showed how biometrics could save your wallet.

IT World Canada tells us how and why hackers are now targeting small businesses. Read more here.

Hope you enjoyed the link round-up