Social Selling: How to Use Social Media to Close More Leads Today

This infographic from InsideView has some exciting information  in it. Take a look, then scroll down to find out more. Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads

The biggest number on the board is the 400%. IBM reports that they increased sales 400% in the first quarter of a “social selling” program. Four. Hundred. Percent. That’s incredible.

So what is social selling anyways?

According to InsideView, it’s

 (…) a new category of applications that leverage the Internet to increase sales productivity and velocity.

To put more simply, it’s the act of leveraging the Internet to increase sales. Since sales is all about building relationships, it’s only natural that it would evolve to include the Internet too.

So, are you selling socially?

If you’re not, here are some more numbers from the infographic that might convince you to give it a try:

  • 61% of US companies use social media to increase their lead generation
  • Companies that use Twitter are doubling the number of leads per month they generate.
  • Companies that have an active blog report getting 67% more leads per month.
  • 65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling.

Whether you’re looking to start blogging, tweeting, or talking to customers on Facebook, I can help. Think of me as the social media trainer for your software or technology company. Contact me today to get started.