Using your Evergreen Content

Now that you know what it is, and have created some evergreen content, it’s time to start using it to your advantage.

Using evergreen content in B2B content marketing

Add it to your marketing rotation

You may have advertised your evergreen marketing content when you first created it, but you’ve got to also put it into rotation for future use. The main point of using evergreen content in your marketing campaigns is that you’ve got content that you can reuse on a regular basis.

  • If you’re on social media, make sure to send out the links on a regular basis.
  • If you’ve linked it in your email signature, change up the article you point to every two weeks.
  • If it’s the featured post on your business blog, have your sales team send out a link to it in their follow-up emails with prospects.

Track your evergreen content

As usual, tracking your evergreen content is an important part of your marketing campaign. You want to know how each of your marketing streams are doing with it, so use measurable methods to determine this, like:

  • Different URL shorteners for the different ways you send out the links. Try for easy link shortening, or use Google shortcodes from within your WordPress installation.
  • Use the UTM method in Google Analytics.
  • Add your own tracking codes to your URLs.

Analyze your results

After tracking your evergreen content, be sure to analyze the results. See how many clicks you’re getting on the links you’ve sent out. Determine which social media platforms are getting you the most shares. Review the comments, questions, and general feedback you receive from the evergreen content. It’ll help with your next step.

Engage and create more

While it’s nice to have evergreen content working hard for you, you can’t simply rest on those laurels. You’ve got to keep generating good content, and more evergreen content. The more great content you have, the more engagement you’ll have with your readers and audience. Respond to their comments and questions, while also taking note of what they’re talking about. It’ll give you good ideas for future content.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start creating some evergreen content today and see how it can help your B2B business.