Weekly Link Roundup - Dec 29, 2012

What we’re reading this week.


  • Roughing up the content marketing game – http://spcbrpr.es/UtwDmG
  • Why the Critics are Wrong about Mobile Advertising – http://spcbrpr.es/UtwGyG
  • It’s not just about SEO, but CEO, Customer Experience Optimization – http://spcbrpr.es/UtwJe2
  • How a Writing Service Can Move Prospects Through Your B2B Sales Cycle – http://spcbrpr.es/UtwLT9


  • The Nighttime Earth From Space Like You’ve Never Seen It Before – http://spcbrpr.es/Utx1S3
  • 10 Strategic Facebook Timeline Cover Photos – http://spcbrpr.es/Utx4gA
  • Is LinkedIn One Step Away from Becoming the World’s Largest Performance Management System? http://spcbrpr.es/Utx6VU
  • Tech Is Making Meetings Worse, It’s Time For Digital Hat Racks – http://spcbrpr.es/Utxbc3


  • The Celebrity Voice Over Game: Behind Campaigns With Famous Narrators – http://spcbrpr.es/Utxu6G
  • Masculine norms in the workplace could be holding women back – http://spcbrpr.es/Utxx2o
  • CineCoup Film Accelerator to Combat Canadian Entertainment Industry Losing Young Adults – http://spcbrpr.es/UtxyDI

Biometrics & Security

  • Biometrics data collection: Canadian visa applicants from 29 countries will be fingerprinted – http://bit.ly/SFXXNr
  • MELBOURNE Airport has doubled its self-service terminals for passport checks – http://spcbrpr.es/UtxDY2
  • ‘Tis the season: Keep yourself safe with these security tips while online shopping – http://spcbrpr.es/UtxGD8
  • Biometics Plan to Take Effect in Canada in ’13, visitors from 30 countries must submit photo & fingerprint – http://spcbrpr.es/UtxKCE
  • U.S. taxi cab industry going high tech right before our eyes, including use of biometrics for driver ID – http://spcbrpr.es/UtxLXl