What I Need From Clients to Write Tech Content and Copy

One of the questions I get from prospective clients is, “What do you need from me to start writing?”

Great question.

Every project and client is different, so it depends.

Some of my clients send me fully-formed outlines with suggested backlinks, wording, and keywords. Others just give me a general topic and leave the rest to me. Still others give me something that lands in between those extremes.

What I usually tell my clients is this: I’ll tell you what I need based on the project we’re collaborating on. And I’ll usually tell you up-front too, so you can prepare it all for me before we kick-off the project.

Examples of what my clients send me

  • Example 1: AcmeTech sends me detailed outlines of the blog posts I’m ghost writing for them. It includes suggested backlinks and points they want to include in the post.
  • Example 2: ECorp (apologies, Mr. Robot) sends me a skeleton outline for a short white paper. It includes suggested headings or topic breakdowns and points they want to include. They also send me the name and contact info of a SME they’d like me to get quotes from.
  • Example 3: FakeCo sends me a headline and links to a series of blog posts they’d like me to repurpose into a short eBook. They give me a short list of competitors to avoid and keywords to include.
  • Example 4: Massive Consulting Firm Inc. likes to book a quick call to go over the project. They usually create a skeleton outline for me and then we talk it through. I ask questions, they answer, and they ask what else I need to work on it. (Usually some additional research materials or URLs, but not always.)

How clients should prepare to work with me

If you’re thinking of working with me (or another freelancer), be sure to ask what to send so the writer can get started on your project. Every writer is different and may need more or less information.

Try to send all of the information at once or in large batches. That makes it easier for me to deal with and sort through. If you’re continually sending me new info in a daily email, I’ll get distracted and never focus on your project.

Never be scared to ask me if I need anything else. I’d rather have too much information and not use it, than not enough and have to spend more time researching. (That’s not to say I’m against research, but not expecting to have to do a lot changes my work scheduling.)

What I send back to clients

Once I’ve finished your project, I’ll usually send you a link to a GDoc with commenting access. That way, you can read it and make any comments you’d like. Or you can send me your comments via email too, I’m flexible.

If you’re happy with the content and copy, you can save a copy to your Google Drive or download a Word version for your use. Then, you can copy and paste it into your corporate blog directly, hand it off to your graphic designers to create a snazzy layout and design, or whatever it is that you do with it.

After sending off your project, I may send you a few repurposing ideas for the content, so you can multiply your investment in it. Even if it’s already a repurposed piece, we can always turn it into something else for your audience!

Writing is something I’ve always done and enjoyed. I like helping my B2B tech clients with their content marketing projects. I look forward to working with you on yours, no matter what it is and what you’re prepared to send me.

If you’d like to start a new content marketing project, contact me today and let’s chat more about it.