What It Costs to Hire a Technical Copywriter

You’re more expensive than other copywriters out there.

Many of my prospects…

I hear that comment a lot, mainly from prospects. It’s actually one of the reasons I started publishing prices on my website. I want to be absolutely clear that I’m not your average copywriter. I’m a technical copywriter with over 20 years professional writing experience. And that experience costs.

Most of the clients that work with me have no issue with my pricing. We tend to quibble on the payment schedule more than anything else, but rarely on the price. That’s because they know what I bring to the table. They’re willing to invest in my skills and experience because they know they won’t have to redo all my work or hold my hand to get their project done. Cost is important, but not the first thing they look for when hiring a technical copywriter.

The rationale for my transparency in pricing comes from Marcus Sheridan. In his great book, They Ask, You Answer, (and many keynote talks he’s giving since writing the book), Sheridan explains that by hiding your pricing, you immediately create an obstacle for your customers. They’ll want to know what you’re hiding and will probably go with another vendor.

Transparency in Pricing

A well-thought out and transparent pricing strategy lets people know you’re not trying to trick them into a sale. They see you’re trying to remove as much friction from the user experience as possible. After all, you don’t want to waste their time if you’re out of their price range, right? Likewise, you don’t want to waste time creating a proposal for someone who will never sign on the dotted line.

By publishing my prices, I’m enabling my site visitors to complete their own vendor research and then qualify (or disqualify) themselves, all before we even speak to each other.

…discussing cost and price is not about affordability, it’s about psychology. It’s about trust…”

Marcus Sheridan, They Ask, You Answer

It’s About Trust

And that’s what it all comes down to. Trust.

If you don’t trust me based on my website, you’re not going to trust me to do any copywriting for you. Simple as that.

When you see the pricing on my Services page, you’ll know exactly what it’ll cost to have me write for your B2B tech or SaaS company. You’ll know immediately whether my fees fit within your budget and can decide whether or not to get in touch.

So, What Does Technical Copywriting Cost?

My prices for technical copywriting projects reflect the scope of past projects. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, so I know how long it takes me to produce the copy B2B tech & SaaS companies need.

Depending on the audience for your project, I know the type of words and phrases that resonate best with them, as well as the format that engages them to share more often online. We may start with a discussion for a short white paper and end up with a 5-post blog series instead.

Project scope may start with one content type and after a discussion with me, we may change things up; or go with your original idea. The point is, based on your needs and my expertise, we’ll land on the right content & copy project that’s right for your B2B tech or SaaS company. My copywriting experience and content marketing savvy may uncover levels of value in your message and ideas that you might not have initially been aware of. In these cases, your value-investment increases in the project.

This is why I’ve priced my projects the way I have. Each price is a value-based number and work that ensures you receive fair market value for your investment. And I consider it that way, an investment. After all, you’re hiring me to achieve significant business outcomes for your B2B tech or SaaS company.

I currently offer services in three major categories: copywriting, repurposing, and editing. In the past, I used to offer other services, but these are the ones my clients keep coming back to, so I’ve narrowed my focus to them.

Have any other questions about how to hire a technical copywriter? Hit me up on my Contact page. I’d love to hear about you and chat more about your project.