3 Ways to Get Business Blog Content Out of Your Own Company

Almost half (47%) of the B2B marketers surveyed in the latest Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute survey said they’re still having issues producing engaging content. Even the majority of the most effective B2B content marketers feel that this is a big issue for them, as 35% of them say so.

How can B2B content marketers stay on top of the engaging content generation game? You can use your content marketing tool belt and create interesting content types like infographics, or get ideas for posts from the most popular presentations on SlideShare. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, you simply have to look inward to find the best source of ideas.

Open doorBy “internal”, I mean looking at your own employees and departments for ideas.

3 Ways to get B2B content out of your own company

Talk to your Sales Team

They’ve got all the info you could ever need to create new content. Sales pitches, customer information, ideal customer profiles, and much more…they’ve got it all. To create how-to or walkthrough posts, ask them for all the customer questions they get when chatting with prospects. Create a series of video posts that deal with their pain points, and show how your solution helps them alleviate them.

Find out the top customer inquiries

Customer and prospect inquiries can be a gold mine of content ideas. Learn what parts of your products or services they want to know more about, and develop a content series to provide it. Even if it’s a topic that has a low search volume, content on this topic can still bring highly qualified traffic to your site because there’s not as much competition for it on search engines. Topics that you might think are too specific to you can still be useful to write about because it’s still covering topics that audiences are looking for.

Work those testimonials

Engaging content usually connects with readers at an emotional, personal level. An easy way to create that connection is to include testimonials on your website. It gives other readers a personal insight into your customers.

Another reason to gather and read testimonials is to find out what type of language your audiences uses, and therefore expects from you. This helps not only with your organic search results, but also helps you deepen the connection with your audience. You can also use them to create marketing personas for your Marketing and Sales departments too.

Final thought…

Creating content is not an easy thing, as shown in Marketing Profs and CMI’s survey. It’s one of the bigger worries B2B companies have. With these three tips, you should be well on your way to keeping your content pipeline full. You just have to know where to look.